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    Great post Sarah, but Monday’s are also the day of the week when most heart attacks occur… And Friday the 13th is my luckiest day as that’s when I met The Love Of My Life, back in Oct, 1961… he is now my dearly departed. 🙁 And I always thought Sunday was always quite structured for me, Church and all… Great post Sarah, Have a great evening. ♥

    Thanks for the reply, these are just fun facts.

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    That’s a Cool idea, really like it & thinking of trying it out…

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    I do agree with you on the issue “Teens & Sex” the best way to handle is an open talk. More important to make him/her getting evolve in the conversation.

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    I like the ideas 🙂 I like the line “Hubby ws gonna throw the dresser away but instead, I painted it white and got a bunch of wooden blocks out of the toy box and had him screw those on as handles!” that’s so creativity. Thanks for advising for using “colors like lavender, or shades of green and then add an accent color on the bottom half of the wall” on kids room.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)