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    @MamaSmurf 603277 wrote:

    I never used cayenne pepper and know nothing about it. Is it hot and spicy? I am just wondering if I should invest in some or use something else.
    it’s hot to me mamasmurf.

    depends on what kinds of chilis your mouths can handle though. so if your family doesn’t like hot, use something like california mild chili (it’s a powder) or just use more paprika, more of your favorite chili (i don’t know what it’s called. that stuff that’s already a mix of spices that you put in a pot of chili!!

    lol), a brand of taco seasoning you like etc.

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    The faucets in what I still call “Mom’s bathroom” were just horrible with build up because she never wiped them up and I finally gave up. I was already diagnosed with mcs and too sick to do more than handle surface cleaning to make sure we wouldn’t die or be embarrassed for what a casual observer might see. i can’t tolerate any of the commercial cleaners others use.

    so they were crudded up way they were when mom died. this was a terrible mess to clean up and i was beyond skeptical when i heard about it.
    all i did was wrap a cloth around the faucet piece needing cleaning and pour on vinegar, let it sit (hours, overnight etc) and then scrub on it with fine steel wool. it took several times of working on it so it’s not for the impatient– they will just have to kill themselves with chemicals.

    but it works. i’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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    I’m allergic to rice but I still make this using tiny macaronis such as alphabet, estrellita’s (I live when we can get good Hispanic foods – they are just little star shaped macaronis) or orzo. I adjust when I put things in accordingly since the pasta only take about 10 mins. Still good.

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    I don’t use bouillon cubes (allergic to an ingredient) but all of these can easily just use the broth I make and freeze all the time. Think I’ll be putting some of it up in 1 cup batches now. Some of these sound super.


    in reply to: Uses for empty 2-liter bottles? #456210

    I also freeze water in the soda bottles. I store them in the chest freezer to prepare for emergencies and almost of the other uses we’ve read about. But I have one more fabulous use.

    During “high harvest season”, I use several frozen bottles in the water to chill down the blanched produce quickly. I stick one or two in the chill water before I start blanching to give it time to get good and cold, then dump in the blanched vegetables. When I’m done, I wipe off the bottles I’ve used and refreeze.

    Works great.

    in reply to: Picky, Picky, Picky- How To Deal with Picky Eaters #451564

    That’s an entire professional seminar. First try involving all in the planning. If that doesn’t work, use a multi-pronged approach that does not turn this into a control issue. Fix what you want, plus sometimes favorites for the others involved, just as you would if they always ate what you fix. If they don’t eat it, your lunch is already made. Don’t enable the behavior. Just don’t play the game. Don’t engage. You can say absolutely nothing, create no waves, no confrontations, no fights. Just don’t play. Fix the meal, set the table and just go about your business, having a family conversation but not reacting to the fact that they aren’t eating. They aren’t going to die if they miss a meal or even a few. Cave once though and you’ve started down the path of food control. Just practice quiet resolve

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