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    I am seeing some adds not in line. I dont know if you can fix that. It feels crowded with adds two deep on the side of the page.

    I know how hard that can be depending on what typ of editing engine you are using. Also The maine page has the buttons at top that are clear and easy to navigate but the articles on the page are numerous. Maybe bigger pictures.

    Most people are visual and text underneath. Maybe its time for a gradual site overhaul. It has looked about the same the whole time ive been here.

    I would love to see a more magazine typ layout. Clean chrisp. Spread adds out Do you have the same add creators on all pages?

    Why not designate places for each. You can drive clicks by doing events targeted at clicking the adds. Kind of a scavenger hunt?

    I agree with the general statement here. the site is too busy! each page is crammed full.

    it gives the feeling of being in a packed room. two sets of navigation across the top and one down the side is a lot. i would cut it down to 1 across top and maybe one down the side.

    I do like the picture buttons but maybe just one menue with a button that will take you to a page with a visual navigation would be best. Choose between the amazon link at top and the wiget on side page. both are too much. I would trash the button.

    dose the calendar have a use? The whats new button should be in the forums only. I dont know what you are using but I can do this on my site.

    I admit though its a paine to set up seperate navigation for a single page. Lots of things repeat. I would cut that down.

    well thats my thoughts. Good luck!!

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    I have sleep aptnia and celiacs . Between the two im exhausted a lot. getting off the glutens has helped but I am about at max on the machine.

    DR says that when I max it out im out of luck. Why not surgery? Honestly its extremely expensive.

    More than paying off my house. Most insurances wont pay for it and for good reason. It has a low success rate.

    Plus it is very painfull. No , ill pass. Ill share a trick though.

    If you are new to the machine and cant take the humid hot air. The heat makes me feel like im drowning. Fill your water tank with ice.

    It will melt for the humidity but stay cool long enough to fall asleep. For budget fixes…. If you get a hole in your tubeing ( I have cats that think its fun to attack my tube) use electrical tape to fix it.

    It helps! Be sure to soak your tubeing in a sink of water and a cap of bleach at least once a month too.

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    Thanks illl try it. 🙂

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    I buy my GF noodles from my local Asian market. very cheap there. along with rice flour I get for $1 a lb or less i think my noodles are $1 a package.

    Let me save you some time too Jennycup. Make your own mixes!!!!! Seriously my recipes are a far cry better than any mix I have bought so far.

    There are also tons of gf foodie blogers out there with fantastic recipes glutenfreegirl is one. i have lots if you would like to know them. i am also trying to get my favorite recipes changed over.

    some are easy and others are well not so easy. i only found out in october that years of medical issues came down to i was poisoning my self with glutens. 🙁 esh!

    at least now we know. good luck! p.s.

    i know a lot of people talk about whole foods having lots of stuff including a gf bakery section.
    meijer here has a section that keeps growing 🙂 i also wanted to add of all the gf flour mixes i have tried so far i love bett hagmans gf flour mix!! (i probably dident spell her name right) its worth picking up at least one of her books. her recipes are good and her flour recipes i have subbed for all kinds of recipes so far flawlessly.

    in reply to: layed off soon help me. #425060

    Praying has worked. Thank you all for the help and mostly the suport. Our boss told us last week that our head office told him ( for the second time scence I have been employed here) He can not let me go.

    yay!!! i was soooo realieved. the dr says i definantly have celiacs disease.

    so i have been cooking at home much more. there are verry few places i can eat out and most of those are iffy at best because of posable cross contamination. why this is good news?

    the damage this was doing to my body is the cause of problems like my rotting teeth and swelling of throat and lungs. 🙂 i can breath!!!! the diet is hard and costly and i am sick of trying to cook every night so i can eat at work the next day.

    but it is worth it. it also had the added bonus of dh cant eat out all the time. i have been working on this forever and just couldent get him to stop.

    🙂 now he feels bad when he dose. he he he. i will miss cookies and danishes but i can make some simular items at home.

    i have been thinking the same as you. maybe i should see a difrent dentiest? i dont know how many times i can have x-rays don though.

    its been twice already. i just need to find who can help me. i was thinking for the braces.

    if i stay employed i can call our flex spending and see if they will pay to care credit. then i can use my flex to pay the bill. my thousand a year wont cover the cost in a year but useing it to pay care credit $100 a month will get it all taken care of.

    Im trying to be creative. so things are a bit better here. I am still stocking just in case.

    This has difanantly showed me i need to get this don. Thank you for the sholders to cry on!

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    I am hopeing that this will end in a job I like more and not one with some sort of secret politics like this one. I am thinking lowes. its close to home and I think I then get a discount wich would be nice for my home repairs.

    They also train there workers so they can answer questions on how to do things! This means I get to learn how to fix the house too. It seems like a good idea.

    I asked today if they were hireing and the cashier sujested I check there site. If not there chick-a-filla, seems like an optian. they are my first two stops at least. not much pay but with the minimum wage raise I only make a doller over anyway.Karen o’coner, seeing the unemployment office seems like a good idea.

    ill will do that. Dana, I am paying on the car so I cant cut my insurence benifits. Our phone plan is up in october and we have been planning to reduce our bill by cutting my line down to a pay per use, cutting out our land line and cutting dh’s line down to the smallest package available.

    With the new news we have decided to go ahead with this and just try our best to put back the disconnect fee just in case we need it. we want the cells so I can always get ahold of my hubby if needed. I dont drive so this is all harder.

    We plan to ask friends to call his line so mine is only used mostly for emergency and to call my hubby (wich they say is still counted as in network and free after the $1 fee for every day I use it. Its also .10 every minut out of network.).
    It dosent help I have sooooo much medical things going on. Dentiest told me today I basically have a mouth full of cavitys.

    He cant do anything about it though till I have my TMJ fixed. that means braces wich I cant afford and neither of our insurences will help with. So he refuses to touch them in fear of causeing more damage to my jaw.

    so now what? They just get to rot in my mouth? every time I get close to answering one puzzel lately I get another.

    I feel like the wourld is falling apart. plus I think ill owe my flex spending the other $500 they havent collected from my checks yet. I need to call them and see what happens with that.

    Its insane here. I cant give up but im not sure what to do. thanks for the help and Dana your not being pushy.

    anything helps right now.

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    I dont think ill be able to get welfare. Not too sure yet though. we have only speculated what our finances will be.

    Wont really know till we get there. We hope to be able to keep internet and netflix as its our only form of intertainment. We have said we will give up cell phones and the land line first. I have been stockpileing but not much.

    I statred with the dollar tree. should have loundery suplies for a year and toothpast. thats about as far as I am. ill do what I can.

    Thanks for the encuragemant.

    thanks I have an apointment on the 5th to see for sure if i have an gluton intolerence.

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    It never seems enough. or just maybe I cant keep to the plan. The wonderfull people on budget are who get me in gear and give the best advice.

    hope you find this site as much help and insperation as I do.

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    Thanks all! We did turn it into our insurence. Only after I told dh he cant let our company threaten him.

    wich is essentially what I call being told “well you can claim but it will probably up your raits”. We have decided if they raise our raits we will find another company. Dh has beeen with this company for all his insurence scence he started driveing and never had one claim.

    they owe us this one. I have an old adt system we are trying to get hooked into the house. once we figure out the programing we can have it call us rather than the adt company and then wont need to pay them monthly to moniter it.

    we can call the cops just as quick as they can. we stll have not heard from the poliece station on what happend with the finger prints they found. the back door is replaced.

    the back porch raised and fixed (insurence company said they would pay for the suplies to fix that too). we explained we had to fix the porch to get the door in properly. we lucked out.

    aparently i chose to get full theft protection and they will cover the origanall purchase cost of what was lost. that is after a 1000 duductable though. Things are moveing along but my budget is shot. 🙁

    in reply to: passwords change? #423822

    I did all that but it was glitching and saying the bot field was not filled in . Its ok though it worked its self out and a few days later it worked.

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    In the past month my tomatos exploded. They have been sooo small and now the plants are trying to pass my windows. I am picking a few here and there for frying. They are compleatly coverd in flowers so whear I dident think I planted enough this year I may still be able to can sauce. Anyone have a good recipe for manara from scratch? I picked mullberrys for jelly and never made it. I need someone to can with so im less relunctant.
    Pears are getting fat but have a long wait still. My neibour left me some cucombers 🙂 oh happy me! Ill cut them and let them soak in some brine I have in the fridge. I cheat and use the old bread and butter juice. They tast wonderfull that way!!! My cabages are looking a bit peaked. I had somthing eating the heck out of everything this year. I did get green beans though. Hows everyone else doin?

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    🙂 It would be nice to get that typ of pampering. But I really did enjoy the reality check. Its nice to get a reminder that they are just like us.

    Most of them are really not that hott without there overhaul crew.

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    DH and I keep fighting. 🙁 I hate this. I just had to replace my laptop. Well dident HAVE to but I wasent takeing dh’s from him and I do our finances. It was not a cost I wanted to have. fortunantly the one I bought was not bad and the cost wasent bad either. I will have to take it with us anytime we leave the house. I was just starting to work on paying off bills again. After we bought the house my snowball program went out the window. I decided it was time again. So now there is this and everything is a mess. How do you recover financially?? I dont like allstate for home insurence. Dh finally decided to turn in our claim and if they raise our rates we will switch companys. Any good companys out there??

    Jac, I am glad you are both ok. I am also glad our event was not that tramatic. I dont feel violated or scared for my self. More for my cats and our stuff. I have a whole alarm system that I am trying to get installed . I just need the installers manual. My nices boyfriend works for a steel gate & ect. company and his boss says he will make us window covers for cheap. I dont know what cheap is but I am willing to find out. I just feel sooooo much more behind now.

    in reply to: What would you do?? #423348

    yes I would call to see what hapend.

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