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    @Budget101 323053 wrote:

    These challenge questions have been really eye opening and we’re learning a lot, but alas, we want to know about you and what you want! this lucky random winner(s) from this challenge will receive a choice of a Super Laundry Sauce kit or a $25 Amazon Gift Card.
    we’re making this one a little more challenging! in order to enter this challenge, you must answer all of the challenge questions:

    1. What Brought you here? (aka how did you find the site?)

    What areas of the site most interest you?
    3. Aside from House/rent, What do you spend the most money on every month?
    4. What do you hope to learn/find here on Budget101?

    Is there something you’ve been searching for, recipe, idea, etc?

    Bonus: What kind of “prizes” would you like to be able to win on our challenge questions?

    So Who’s game to play?

    1. I’ve been a member for like ever. So I don’t remember how I first found you.

    3. Electricity.
    4. How to save money.

    More yummy diet stuff.

    Bonus. You can’t go wrong with Amazon cards. 🙂

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    You should do this even if you don’t have a baby because you can help donate to childrens charities.

    in reply to: Homemade Purses #431496

    I love making my own purses. The capri sun bag that you saw as a product of terracycle . i most recently made bags out of duct tape.

    now they should be easier being that duck tape makes sheets. 🙂

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    They only have a certain amount to give away a day.

    in reply to: What is pinecone ? #430180

    Does anybody have a current invite to pinecone?

    in reply to: Free Super Sticky Notes from Post-It #428584

    you also get a $1 off coupon. 😀

    in reply to: free disney movie reward points #425743

    Thanks I had trouble finding the answer to the last one. 😀

    in reply to: newbie #424469

    welcome! You will find that this site is totally addicting! 😀

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    I had no idea that there were so many things that you could make with reynolds foil packets. We just stick to the standard potatoes, veggies, garlic powder, parmasean cheese & butter on a grill. 😀

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    Hey just wanted to say welcome! :081:

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    Baggz… You have WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to much time on your hands.

    in reply to: car seats #410737

    As a preschool special bus driver I own my own set of car seats. Usually from 6-8 at a time. I know what to look for and when to not accept them from friends.

    But what you need to remember is if your child has to ride in a car seat on the bus, most times the drivers bring the bus to your house before the first day of school so that the kid can get used to the bus. Also so that the child can be adjusted to the seat. The seat adjustments have to happen twice, once before they start school and once when the winter coats come out.

    When they do this you need to get on the bus and check to make sure that the carseat is secure. I have seen many kids flip a seat or turn towards the aisle of the bus because someone didn’t make sure that the seat was secure.

    The proper way to make sure that a seat is:

    1. with the straps included in the box with the carseat.
    2. Kneel or sit in the seat yourself as you or someone else pulls the carseat strap.

    Most times in a bus its number 2 because they are transferred between buses so much. But you as the parent need to know that your child is safe on the bus every time you put your child on that bus.

    Just so everyone knows: I know the specifics behind a sexual predators case and they marked him off on this site as another offense when it was an 8 year old girl. You have to look in the convictions of everyone with a green marker in your neighborhood. Just to be safe.

    in reply to: baby shower ideas #410734

    There is also another game you can play. Its sometimes called the Awww or Baby game. You give everyone a clothespin when the walk in the door.

    If they say the “magic word” whether its Awww or Baby they lose their pin the last on with a pin wins. 😀

    in reply to: Fruit Bar #401540

    I read the fine print on this site and it says this:

    Offers limited to one per household and nz addresses only. nz= new zealand i believe.

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