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    @Diddla 1001800 wrote:

    Sorry if I’m missing it, but where is the credit and link to original post? You can’t just save a photo from Pinterest and create your own web content around it without giving photo credit and linking to the website this was originally posted on.

    :dq: your post is rather rude. haven’t you ever saved a photo to your computer so you’ll remember how to do something? if not you haven’t been on the internet very long.

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    @Patty321 544184 wrote:

    How do I find recipes here using blueberries? I am new here so I’m still learning. Thanks!!!!

    here’s a page that explains how to search the various areas of the site: – – How to Search

    Here’s a search for blueberries: – – Search

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    I forgot to mention that The Roku will work with either an ethernet cable connection or via a wireless connection.

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    @drea 541636 wrote:

    Any Ideas?? What’s the least expensive solution that you know of??

    have you checked into roku? it’s a little box that you connect to your tv and you can tune into channels that are streamed over your internet connection. of course, you’d have to have a decent internet connection to watch anything on it.

    i’m not really sure whether or not you stay at koa style campgrounds or state parks, etc. but it would be worth checking into

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    Have you checked out the Ramen Recipes section of the site? – – Ramen Recipes | Dirt Cheap Meal Ideas

    some college eats:

    • peanut butter
    • oatmeal is really cheap, filling and healthy & can be cooked in the microwave
    • bananas are usually under .50 a lb
    • rice is fairly cheap but takes longer to cook
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    @Savin’ Moola 2448 wrote:

    Does anyone know how to make pure vanilla extract.

    There is a really yummy recipe for making your own right here on the site, I made some back this winter. Here is the recipe: – – Homemade Vanilla Extract: Recipes & Tips | Make Your Own Recipes from

    you can get the vanilla beans from the link in the page.

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    two cents This really works, I’ve used this for a few years now to keep the deer out of my Hostas! They eat them like candy otherwise. I actually throw a bar into the food processor and then very lightly sprinkle slivers around the flower beds.

    It’s never bothered my flowers, but definitely keeps the darn deer AWAY!

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