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    My WinXP just bit the dust and I am back running off my WinME.
    WinXP is going to be in retirement in Aug or there abouts, so I have to replace with Vista. Maybe a couple years to save up $$$ for new system. :>(

    in reply to: JC Penney Rewards $5 #415652

    Back in Nov. I needed to replace my electric blanket and they were the only one that had a GOOD heavy one. $60.00 with shipping charges included.

    That is about as much as I spend there a year! And then I was given a $5.00 reward for doing an on-line survey of my experience with my order. I gave the coupon to my sis.

    Bad economy is hitting everyone. They need to do something to draw customers in.

    in reply to: TrapCall Reveals Who’s Behind Blocked Calls #415651

    As I was reading Freebie Queen’s post, I was thinking …
    I get that free from my phone company for my landline.
    When a call like that comes through, the phone co. zaps it back with a message to unblock their number, that I don’t accept anonymous/blocked calls. My phone doesn’t even ring.


    As I read down the thread, yah it could be useful for cell phones, but then again yah…what use is it if it still goes to voice mail, and you are still being annoyed with the rings. I don’t know if I would trust this type of service. But that’s just me.

    in reply to: The Perfect Recipe Cookbook from Wisconsin Cheese ~ Download #415648

    OMGOSH! Many look so interesting. There goes my diet:>)
    Thanks for the find.

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    Last year I replaced all my lightbulbs with the energy efficient ones. ge brand.
    i wish i could take them all back for a refund! i replaced with the max wattage for the overhead lights, lamps, etc.

    they are so dim! i only put up with them until i can try another brand. my mom has the sylvania brand and her’s are brighter than mine, same wattage and all.

    they do help on the monthly power bill,even when i have all my lights on because of the lack of light.

    in reply to: DIY Planner #409002

    Great find! Thank you.
    I am browsing the site now and found a few that would certainly be of help.

    in reply to: Leftover Pineapple Juice? #408790

    Any leftover juices I may have (be it orange,pineapple,pear,etc.) I put into a jar and refriderate it. Then I use it over chicken, pork, and sometimes beef, during cooking. When I use it on my meats, I first tenderize the meat with a meat tenderizer ( the kind with alot of metal spikes) to create holes so the juice can penetrate the meal.
    I also add it to my rice while cooking to give it a bit of a kick.

    A good alternative at times instead of my usual spices.
    Sometimes I also add a few drops to my black and green teas instead of sugar.

    in reply to: Do your homework before ordering anything! #408025

    I am really sorry to hear about this.

    I do alot of on-line shopping and thank goodness I haven’t ran across any problems.

    Here is a link to Walter Drake catalog site. They are really good.
    The link goes directly to their bathroom accy page. They have a couple of handles to choose from.

    Give it a look.


    here are some other catalog sites i shop at:
    *walter drake (the site mentioned above)

    *carol wright gifts

    *harriet carter

    *miles kimball

    *the lakeside collections

    i have purchased from all these sites and not a problem at all.

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