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  • The greatest stain remover ever…cheap and so easy…Dawn. if u want to remive anything from spaghetti sauce to make-up to heavy engine grease…dawn can handle the job. For small stains..dab on a bit all over stain and let it set for 30 minutes and then wash as usual. For bigger , dirtier, hard to remove stains like oil or engine grease , cover stain in dawn , leave set over nite and wash as usual the next day. The stains just disappear…and youll notice that it has also cleaned all the laundry in that washload real well also because the dawn mixes with the usual laundry soap and improves the clean and the brightness of the entire load of laundry. And the great benefit…a $ 1.25 bottle of dawn goes a very long way to clean stain after stain…big or small. So dont spend $5.00 a bottle on that spray on laundry soap anymore !!!

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