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    I didn’t get any responses but that is ok. I plan to hit my debt head on and just push my way through it. I hope the refinance my loan with the place I did a debt consolidation loan with and then with the other credit cards that I have (which I have cancelled all of them now), I will talk with them each to see about lowering interest rates.
    I will be looking at the posts on the site to learn to save on money with money and food.

    I’m sure I will make my way through this.

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    Thanks for this great information. I know you are talking about student loans but I wanted to share about debt consolidation in general. I had a student loan that I finally had taken care of and that took forever.

    Close to 15 years. Now I no longer have that loan on me.
    I got a debt consolidation loan with my current debt which was credit cards. I now will be paying back what I borrowed and then in interest what I borrowed.

    It like a payday loan except over a 5 year period. Live and learn. I would say watch out for debt consolidation loans.

    Get rid of any credit cards you have. That is what I did. What out for places that over debt management.

    You still will be paying back your debt at the same price just at the debt management way. There are other companies that offer ways that seem easy but actually are not and make you wonder if it is worth the trouble. I decided to take on my creditors and talk with them about my interest rates one card at a time.

    How this will work I don’t know. I just want to do the right thing and the way that makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. At this point, the people who I took the debt consolidation loan out with are willing to refinance the loan to make lower payments.

    I may do it because I need some money to live on. I got myself in this mess and I need to get myself out of this mess.
    For those with student loans pay them off as quickly as possible. Don’t let them do into default.

    If you do, don’t work with the creditor collectors that the loan is sent to, call the Department of Education and work with them. That is what I did. They worked with me.

    FrankM thank you for writing this great post!

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    Again thanks for the information. It really helps me.

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    There is a lot to learn as a newbie even though I have been a member for a long time. I just didn’t start using the forum until a few days ago. Need to still read Newbie 103 & 104

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    Thanks for the tips on how to post. There is always something new to learn each forum.

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    It is good to know the infractions though I don’t plans to commit any of them.

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    I’m glad I went to see what the abbreviations were cause I find them confusing sometimes. You would think we text messaging, which I’m horrible at, I would have some idea on things, not the case. Thanks for posting them.

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    Here from Nebraska. I will be using this site a whole lot more now than when I first joined a long time ago. Can’t wait to learn more.

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