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    Here are few items I’ve repurposed the last few months:

    Broken Baby Gate: We repurposed the broken baby gate into a garden trellis for beans to climb along.

    My daughters favorite stuffed bear came apart at the seams, so I stuffed him with dyer lint with a couple drops of lavender essential oil and stitched him back up.

    The knob on the door of my pantry kept coming unscrewed and the threads were stripped so I used clear nail polish to “paint” the threads, then screwed the knob back in and now it’s Very Secure!

    We use newspaper & homemade window wash to wash the windows, the newspaper leaves them streak free.

    We use Rancid Grease to make our own Laundry Soap: Collect 5 pounds grease to make 2 quarts melted fat strained through cheesecloth. Pour 1 (1-pound) can of lye into 1 quart water. Don’t use a metal pot and be careful not to splash lye on anything, including yourself!!
    When thoroughly dissolved and cooled, pour lye slowly over cooled melted grease, which must be in earthenware or enamel container., not metal.

    stir until lye and grease are thoroughly combined. add 1/2 cupful household ammonia and 2 tablespoonfuls borax dissolved in 1/2 cupful water.

    Stir until thickened into a honey-like consistency then Pour mixture into an earthenware mold to harden for several hours. Cut the square into cakes before it becomes quite hard. Store the soap cakes in a dry place to harden for about 6 weeks.

    The older the soap, the longer it will last, as it becomes harder with age.

    We use salt shakers to sow (tiny) seeds in the springtime, just fill the shaker and sow!

    We use “Holy” socks on the end of our swiffer mop

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    We’re having 10 guests at our house for dinner this year so we’re doing an organized pot-luck. Pretty much everyone brings 2 dishes, that’s how we’ve always done it.

    I’m providing a roasted 20lb turkey. It was .69 a pound, so that’s $13.80 I’m also making a blackberry cream pie, the blackberries were free and the cream to make it is 1.99. The stuffing is homemade and has sausage, sage, celery and onions in it.

    The cost is about $3 (the sausage was on sale for $1.99) and the bread was cheap because I make my own in the bread machine.

    I’m making riced potatoes (5 lbs for 1.99 sale)eat-1  smilie
    Double Broccoli Casserole (broccoli, cream of mushroom soup, cheddar cheese, panko) $2.50

    Mom is bringing Whipped Sweet Potato Casserole & Boston Cream Pie (and she’s bringing dad hahaha)
    My sis in Law & bro is bringing 3 kinds of homemade pickles and homemade cranberry sauce
    My neighbor is bringing Honey Glazed Gingered Carrots & homemade yeast rolls
    Jackson & Jen are bringing Fresh Tossed Salad & Pumpkin Bread
    Alice & kirk are bringing Fruit Salad and some sort of dessert.

    I usually end up making cookies too, but that’s not really planned right now.

    My total cost is just under $25. I don’t know how people can afford to throw a big thanksgiving dinner without doing a potluck-style. If I was providing all of these dishes it would cost me over $100!

    I’m thankful for good friends, lol

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    My all friends and all members of my family like these recipes….

    in reply to: Banana-Blueberry Bran Muffins #457428

    Thank you! These are a must make! You’ll never want another type of bran muffin again.

    in reply to: Eggplant Parmigiana #457377

    OMG, the best eggplant parm I have ever had. Salting the eggplant beforehand make a difference. And fresh basil.

    in reply to: Chicken Gyros II #457375

    Tasty and easy! I marinated the chicken for a few hours and it was very flavorful, I pounded it out and grilled it.

    in reply to: zip loc scrambled eggs #457372

    I never refridgerate my eggs unless they’re a giant pack that I may need an extra day or two past sell by to eat, works fine for me…

    in reply to: Lo-Cal Banana Muffins #457371

    Thank you for this recipe. I have been craving banana bread for weeks and do not want to make my usual bread. It’s tooooo good to have just one slice and one slice has so many calories

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    This is a delicious salad. I think the eggs would have been better with only 2 minutes cooking time but the flavours work really well together.

    in reply to: Hollandaise Sauce #457130

    Fussy sauce but SO heavenly!

    in reply to: Tex-Mex Summer Squash Casserole #457087

    This recipe does a good job of balancing the freshness of the summer squash with the brightness of the spices of the chiles and pepper. I agree with other reviewers that the casserole remained slightly watery; however, the end result is a really flavorful dish.

    in reply to: Breakfirst with "Luchi "… #457086

    Phulko Luchi with phoolkopi peyaj and aloo bhaja .. wih a tinge of chillies … best tiffin I used to take to my school.

    in reply to: Almost Fat-Free Banana Bread #457041

    This is great. I couldnt find my banana bread recipe so i tried this one. It will be the recipe i use for now on!

    My guess is that the people who have chewy or heavy bread are stirring too much, and the people with not enough flavor are using bananas that are not ripe enough. The nastier they look the better they are for bread!

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    Very flavorful and so easy to make. I did use more avocado and used Dijon mustard as that is our preference. Absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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    Quick, healthy, easy, tasty and cheap. My favorite things 🙂 Great recipe as is. If you want to change it up try using lime juice and cilantro instead of the lemon and parsley. I’ll definitely be making this on a regular basis…

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