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    I use a big binder for all my coupons. I keep the coupons organized in those plastic pages that are made for baseball cards. At first, I would just keep all my “loyalty cards” in my wallet but, found that I was taking too much time to search through all of them at the check out counter.

    Now I just have an extra few pages in the front on my coupons specifically for all of my cards. Behind those pages, I have a large clear pocket for the coupons I will be redeeming. When I get up to the register, I grab out my card and coupons, hand them to the cashier and I’m ready to go!!!

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    After putting 17 yards of new mulch in our flower beds, the stray cats in the neighborhood started using them as their new litter box. I was desperate to find something to keep them out and searched the internet. Found several sites that suggested coffee grounds!!!

    Guess the cats don’t like it at all, tried it in the front beds right near our windows and it seemed to have worked.
    I’m gonna have to drink alot of coffee though to take care of the whole darn yard! By that point I’ll just be a crazy woman standing out there scaring the whole darn neighborhood away! Could be an interesting site though!!


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    The only one I’ve ever gotten was the “being a girl” one, that’s it!

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    Signed up for this one quite awhile ago. Haven’t gotten my Magic Eraser but, I have gotten slammed with about a million emails since then!!! 🙁 In fact, I’m still getting them.

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    Hey Jenn! Weclome to the group, look forward to hearing more from you. This is really a great bunch of people here. The best actually, if ya ask me!!:)


    LOL you just have to know your local Walmart and the cashiers well enough to know what ones are gonna give you a hassle…. cause they will. I’ll get that “look” and you can even see that big deep breath they’ll take.

    Some will even be bold enough to say.. “here comes the coupon lady!” I just put on a big smile and say “Yup, here I come!!”

    @jkpjohnson 116653 wrote:

    One of the things I have learned from this site is Always have your coupons with you, you just never know.

    This is exactly what I do as well. I also take it a step further and make sure I have flyers from other stores. On Sunday, I get my three hole punch, punch out holes in the flyers and set them right in the front of my coupon binder.

    That way when I’m in Walmart I can price match, saves money on gas too since I don’t have to run all over town to other stores. I will stick a “post it” tab on certain pages if I’m looking for something specific and make a notation on it if I have coupons for it as well-saves alot of time, then I also know where to flip back to, to show the cashier when it comes time for the price matching!!love smiley

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    My dh and i go to a food auction twice a month at a local auction house and we’ve gotten some really great deals. the key is to remember your prices and remember that they will be adding on the buyers fee at the end as well. alot of people there forget that and just buy buy buy and think they’re getting a great deal.

    i’ve become pretty well known because i always bring along my reciepts from the previous auctions and when something is selling for more then it was weeks before, people ask me.. “what was the price last time?” or they ask “how much is that in the market this week?”

    i will tell them, “put your hand down, that’s bogo at “bilo” and there was coupons in the paper too.” it’s actually pretty funny. everyone jokes that they’re not going to let me in the door anymore.
    i guess i would say that food auctions are a good thing as long as you keep a few things in mind.

    Always remember to add on to the final bid, the sales tax and buyers fee… is it still a good deal? If so then go ahead.

    Sale prices at your local markets combined with your coupons… It always seems they are selling something that is on sale that week at the market & that I have a coupon for.


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    @sherriebabe14 116093 wrote:

    is there no link to walgreens from here or how do i use this

    All you have to do is click on the link in the OP and it will bring you to the survey.


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    Not much for me yesterday. Just a box of Kotex samples!

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    love smiley Oh my Beautiful Daughter!!! love smiley
    She’s so right, she just loves her makeup! LOL We just had this very discussion the other night on the phone.

    This is also one of my splurges as well…so like mother, like daughter:081: All in all though, she’s one amazing kid!

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    Welcome aboard Mel!! You’ve come to the right place. Lots of great ideas and advice here to help you out along the way to saving lots and lots!! Plus the added benefit of meeting many wonderful people. One warning though… this site is addictive!! LOL

    Can’t wait to hear more from you! Anything you need, just jump right in and ask ok?!!!

    Kris 🙂

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    We too, are creating a beach themed family room in our basement! For window coverings, I went to Big Lots and got a couple of those bamboo beach mats to drape over some tension rods, for shades ($2.50 ea.). I had some old shears that I was going to bring to the SA but instead, frayed them up a bit on the bottoms, them made tie backs.

    I did this with some very fine twine and a bunch of old shells that we’d collected from our trips to the beach… wrapped the twine around the curtain a few times then tied a smal knot. On each end, strung a few shells, after each shell I tied a know to keep it in place.
    I also printed off some pictures from our recent vacation to the beach (in black and white) and put them in some plain wooden frames.

    The extra shells, I placed them in finger bowl and put them on a shelf. Picked up two bags of pebbles at the dollar store and put them in glass candle holders and put tes lights in them!!! All came together pretty good if ya ask me!!!!

    Oh yeah, don’t forget to keep an eye out at your local home improvement store, in the paint dept. for “oops paint”!! That’s where I get most of mine.

    Got a really pretty shade of very pale blue, normally $23, got it for $5!!! Goes great down there!!

    Good luck on your room. Hope I was able to help!

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    Would be great as a gag too on April Fools. Would love to see the look on my son’s face if he came out and saw that on his car!!! Shame on me 🙂

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    Dh will like this one since he’s a Tony Stewart Fan!! 🙂

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