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  • bummer. 🙁 I was getting kinda excited! lol

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    welcome! Im Terra, Wife to Kevin, Mom to Cassidy (almost 13) and Ciara (almost 3) … we are in the process of Moving from the USA to Asia. (Philippines) … nice to meet you.

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    that sounds really good! I have the ingredients and will be making this!

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    @fosterfamily5 132526 wrote:

    Glad to have you back again!!!

    thank you! Ive missed it.

    @brchbell 132528 wrote:

    I’d been wondering what happened to you! sorry to hear of your troubles but glad you were able to check in again! Hope it works out for you all to move on over so you can be together again! My husband has been gone much, much more than home since 9/11 happened and we are all looking forward to his being home full time come August this year!

    thank you very much! Yeah, life has been nuts. LOL!

    @FreebieQueen 132529 wrote:

    Glad to see you back on your feet and here on the boards. Here’s to hoping that you have a Wonderful, Healthy Year in 2010!!
    multistars smilie

    Thank you very much and to you as well!

    you guys made my day!

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    @brchbell 123741 wrote:

    I make all our bread from scratch here at home. My kids laugh and call me the little Red Hen: I grow it, I harvest it, I clean it and I grind it and then I bake it up and we eat it. I even have a blend of whole grains I use in place of white flour.

    We only make 100% whole wheat bread and we go through it like wild fire! I tell most of my friends to go to Kind Arthur flour web site as their recipes have always worked great for me over the years. I’m sure you’ll find lots of recipes to try there!

    Yeast breads & rolls: King Arthur Flour


    you rock! thanks so much!

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    You will love this site. 🙂

    enjoy, and i hope to see more posts from you!

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    Welcome to B101! You will find a lot of info here to cut your budget, stretch your food dollar, as well as motivate you to do things differently.

    Happy posting!

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    welcome! You will find a lot of great info/tips here. Hope to see you post around!

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    Im sorry for your loss. welcome back!

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    congrats on getting a good deal on Pizza. 🙂

    I would have called the store, too. It pays to be honest. Had it been an error, they would have probably let you keep it, but you wouldnt have gotten anymore. LOL

    At least you let them know!

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    thanks! We didnt have the beets last night… My hubby served the leftover yams.

    tomorrow night Ill open a fresh can of green beans that I canned.

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    thanks. I didnt even think about that. lol.

    well, i think part of my fear is that it was my first canning experience.. i am praying i didnt leave anything out. lol i guess ill serve my beets tonight.

    :d if im not dead, and im posting tomorrow… it all turned out good. lol

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    @wilbe95 121674 wrote:

    Been there with you on the fear. You just have to keep telling yourself that you followed the directions and that it is safe. I would suggest opening an item, heat it up correctly and try it.

    Once you try that first item and no one gets sick than you will feel so much better. It is scary because the last thing you want to do is know that you made the entire family sick, but until you actually try the food and see that all is well it will be hard to get over the fear factor.

    Best to you and your family! 🙂

    you rock. Thanks so much. I know this is a real ignorant Q, but We have these canned goods that we can eat, but havent touched.

    We need to eat them.

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    @mos 121665 wrote:

    I was lucky that I never had to worry about that growing up. even if we had problems feeding ourselves, we would have eaten well. I grew up in an amazing neighborhood (as some of you know) and everyone took care of each other.

    ever so often someone would make too much soup or stew or spaghetti or something or other and would have to take it to one of the neighbors so it wouldn’t go bad;-) now when I went out on my own and had to fend for myself, I made kechup soup. could be why tomato soup is not my favorite! lol!

    i wish neighbors did this more these days. we would have less hungry families.

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    we have leftovers for tonight… and I just MIGHT do this! thanks!

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