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    thanks!! T’m always grateful when my clueless butt gets some help getting through the day…. or a message board!!


    When I was trying to save up some $
    I found a way to do it without causing me too much stress doing it. over a years time you can save almost $1,600!! ok, so first week you deposit $1.00 second week $2.00, third week $3.00 and so on..

    by week 10 you will have saved $55.00 week 20 will have $210.00 saved in that acct. week 30 a whopping $465 week 40 is now $820.00 week 50 and you will have $1,275.00 week 56 and you’re looking at a whopping $1,596.00… thanks to one of my nosy kids reading what I had written – I have been advised only my year is an excruciating 56 weeks, the rest of y’all are lucky to only have 52….

    which will still net $1,378 you will have saved somewhat painlessly!

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    oh wow!! thank you!! I love this razor!

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