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    I’ve done whole turkey on the bbq. the trick to any good bbq is to frequently turn and rotate your food, know your hot spots.

  • A gift certificate for something they like off of Groupon. Get more for your money. I purchased a 3-D imaging session for my son to improve his golf swing.

  • You were up early working lol

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    Every year we go my inlaws and there are alot of kids, we have 3. I load up on small toys they can play together with like battle bot spinners, foam air planes that whistle, glow sticks, slinky, ect. I spend one or two bucks each and try to get the most bang for my buck.

    Every single year the kids open all their big presents but end up spending the evening playing with the cheap ones I bring.
    Since there are so many adults we play a game where you bring a gift you get a gift then you can “steal” from someone else and give them yours. We cap it at $20, its amazing how creative we get in this price range. Its a blast.
    Instead of a formal dinner they do a potluck buffet so everyone is relaxed having fun and visiting.

    no stress!

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    My daughter and I went to Italy and Greece, it was amazing! Greece is far more impressive, and cleaner. They have alot of pride in their history.

    Italy has alot more shopping and dining opportunities.

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    Kmart had flavored sunflower seeds on sale for .99 and the bags had .75 coupons on them. It added alot of bulk to the baskets.

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    I like to use the peeps on my sweet potatoes to liven up the dish. And fun for smores.

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    I wash mine also then put it back on the fire to make sure it is completely dry to prevent rust. You have to use them on a regular basis to keep them seasoned and they just get better with time. I prefer my cast pans even tho they are heavy.
    If you have high iron in your blood you need to avoid using cast iron pans.

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    After being in a near fatal hit and run accident on 1/31/14 and now facing breast cancer this one really hits home for me. My youngest son is 15 years so my biggest concern is his future.
    1. Eliminate debt

    Pay down mortgage
    3. Create a living will.

    On a personal level –
    1. Drive around America.
    2. See my son into adulthood.

    Go fishing with my daddy.

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    Aside from our natural desire to want to have fun, holidays are a means for remembrance and teaching that meaning thru the generations. For Christmas I make a birthday cake for Jesus. Whether or not Dec.

    25th is his actual birthday isnt the point, remembering the reason of celebration is.
    Easter is the Christian celebration of Jesus’ ascension to heaven. To celebrate this you could release a balloon, you could have everyone write a simple prayer on it or on a piece of paper inserted in balloon.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 61 total)