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    It’s really nice to know this about the reducing the coupon amount to the items price. I had a coupon for like 2.00 off a makeup item I forget the brand and it included nail polish, and Target had the nail polish on clearance for less than the coupon was worth, I didn’t want the money(overage) back or applied to my order just wanted the nail polish for free, and they refused the coupon! Told me the item had to be at least the coupon price or more!

    Oh that really bugged me that day too, it was the perfect sparkly color!!!

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    “Including photographs for clarity on this one creates double entries in the drawing for the winner!” I made my own quote marks, I hit reply with quote and it quoted everything Im gonna have to go back to the newbie scetion and reread that part lol. How do we put pictures in the post?

    Sorry if thats been explained somewhere else, I just haven’t found where thats at yet.

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    Do you know what the carb or sugar content is for this recipe? I know you use sweet and low, but the graham crackers and semi sweet chocolate have sugar in them I think. My hubby’s sugar goes very high even with insulin, but if these treats arent that high in sugars and carbs I can make them for him and it wont be too bad!

    Thank you for posting this!

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    I had my hysterectomy in December of 04 I kept my ovaries I will be 40 soon and I have been having hot flashes also. I normally have a really low body temp like 95.6 and this is driving me crazy. Im either super cold or super hot and a giant sweat ball.

    I also have a ton of other health issues going on right now too. I will need my dr to check my hormones again after I finally get my ultrasounds done on my pelvic area. I can’t afford any herbal things nor can I probably take them with all the other meds I am on.

    I run the window AC and the ceiling fan on high all night and we also have this good sized floor fan that super powered that we run all night. If anyone has any ideas on what works to keep ya cool and stop some sweating please share <3

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    Hi, at what level are we allowed to start blogging at? Thanks 🙂

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    gas prices in and around chesterfield michigan 2.99 cash and 3.09 credit, but I found E-85 for 2.08 today down by my stepsons house and that was a steal! Out farther by my house its 2.69

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    I wish I could crochet! My mom tried many times to teach me and I could never learn, now my hands shake way to much to even hold the tools for it. I would love to see a picture sometime if you have one! 🙂

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    Brand new here, am I in the right place to look for the new challenges?I dont know

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)