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    That is really really cute! I don’t have a sewing machine and I failed my 6th grade sewing class too. Do you make these to sell like at a craft show or maybe at an elementary holiday store at Christmas time?

    Or even if you are on Facebook they have local selling and swap groups you can sell your stuff on. There is a local handmade homemade swap group for my county, those would sell like hotcakes! Or even at like a fancy pet boarding place or doggy daycare I bet you could make a deal with the owners to set up a little display to sell them.

    Little tiny dog owners would buy them like crazy! LOL sorry I tend to get a little excited. I really like it though, we bought something similar without the nubby material with a plastic squeaker inside for my little porkie at Walmart it was his baby and they changed the decoration the vinyl decoration on it and we had to buy a new one and he refused to play with it.

    Its been 2 years and he still wont play with it.

    We use the Meijer brand flea and tick drops. The one with fipronyl in it. They have 3 different kinds for dogs and cats, and then they have different boxes for their weights too.

    But if you go to Meijer it’s their store brand, well if you have a meijer by you the cat one is 19.99 for 3 doses. My friend just went last night and bought it for her cats and Im going this week to buy it for both my dogs and cats. We used it last year and this year.

    My dogs are white shep and yellow lab mix and the other is a pom yorkie mix and were on it last year and the only effect it had on them was a little extra drooling but we kept a close eye on them for an hour so they werent licking it off each other. The 3 cats drooled too. But that was it.

    Im sorry about the loss of your dog…

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    The golden rasins and gin, what do you do after you soak them? Do you eat them, drink the gin, mash them up and rub it on? I will try anything for my arthritis!

    Please and thank you! Also Liss what website is it for Curamin. I googled it and a ton of different websites came up for it.

    I would love a free sample.

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    Can it be regular off the shelf honey, cuz thats all I have. I dont have and cant afford that raw organic honey. And just so Im understanding correctly, you make it one day, shake it up all that day, drink a 1/4 of a cup the next morning and then every morning?

    Then when you are almost out of it remake it so you have it to keep going with it? What are the long term benefits or cons of this? Anyone know if it can hurt you in anyway in the long run?

    in reply to: B101 Challenge: Cooking Class- What have you learned? #462083

    Thanks hon, I just like having them around the way she had them. Im going to eventually make or find a shelving type thingy I like to display and be able to use them. I dont cook at all in my house, my husband does, he rarely lets me.

    I know how he just likes doing it more than I do lol. Im the baker. I used to go through them all as a little girl and look through all the books and help her go through all the recipe cards in the boxes she had and when she had new recipes she make a stack of new ones and wait for me to “help” her put them in.

    Its just great memories, before she passed she asked everybody what they wanted of hers, and thats all I wanted 🙂 So one day I will find something I like to display them and till then they will just be sitting on my table so that I see them everyday. My husband is the one who searches online for all his wild recipes and rubs and marinades and sauces especially for smoking meats. He hordes them and wants to pass them down to our sons.

    But thank you for your thoughts 😉

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    What is House party? Oops I think I hit reply to thread first, is there anyway I can fix that? Sorry…

    in reply to: Welcome to B101 Challenges! START HERE #462066

    Hi, it’s me again, I found this challenge on a different forum not under the challenges link. Challenge OPEN B101 Challenge: Cooking Class- What have you learned? Is it still open?

    I didnt see any mention about it at all in the winners list or open challenges. Also The creative pet challenge has been open since last year is that one still going on? Is there a way to find out how many entries we have to go till its done?

    And are we allowed to make more than one entry to a challenge? Please and thank you?

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    oh jeesh its on the bottom, not the top! Thank you so much, I should have know y’all are on top of things!

    in reply to: New category under the recipe forum please…maybe? #462030

    How do you do clickable prefix? Sorry, I may not be in the right place to see something I should be seeing. Is there like a dropdown menu that has different categories?

    Is that what you mean?

    in reply to: Hundreds of FREE Kindle Books! #462026

    The links up above aren’t working for me, are they working for anyone else?

    in reply to: B101 Challenge: Cooking Class- What have you learned? #462018

    Answer to the first part/ learned sooner, how to properly dice an onion

    Answer to second part/ still like to learn, how to adjust recipes for more or less people, like if the recipe is for 10 people adjust it correctly down for 2 people and the opposite. I asked for my Moms recipes when she passed away thats all I asked for. I have books, and boxes of books, and recipe boxes and recipe cards coming out of my ears!

    And they are for all different things and all different sizes. I have no idea how to adjust them all.

    in reply to: Issues with posting levels of my account? #462001

    You are awesome thank you so much for helping me out! 😉

    in reply to: Question about insulin??? Any novolog users out there #461999

    I am not offended at all!!! I appreciate your input. I never thought of contacting the FDA and letting them know whats going on. His diet hasn’t changed at all except to get better. He isnt the most strict diabetic I know, UGH we have been going through this since a month after we got married so 3/2008 we didn’t know he was diabetic, he was a cable guy and he was constantly on the move and eating little during the day so we had no clue, till his shop closed down and he went golfing got a blister on his foot that never healed. Then it all went downhill from there, many many foot surgeries, MRSA, a toe removed, bones in his foot removed, pins inserted, broken removed, UGH many picc line antibiotics at the hospital then at home. His diet has gotten way better over the past year he has really been watching what he has been eating. He and his dr figured out a sliding scale for his insulin through trial and error and it was working his A-1C was down in the normal level for years. I just don’t get it. He has gotten scared because his neuropathy has gone from his feet to his one hand and fingers. He can see the muscle atrophy in his hand. So he has really been cracking down on it. And I am not offended in the least!! I promise 🙂

    in reply to: B101 Challenge: Attention Creative Pet Parents! #461987

    Duh I see it closes at 30 entries, once again I read it too fast to see all the words, my bad. Do we know how many entries there are, oh and I also wanted to know on the challenges can we enter more than once?

    in reply to: B101 Challenge: Attention Creative Pet Parents! #461986

    I’m just wondering how long this challenge goes on for? It has a clock so I think that means a timed challenge right? But it doesn’t say how long till it ends?

    I clicked the pink click this link words above and titled my entry for the challenge. I think a few others have too made posts for it also. But maybe have not titled their entries for it.

    Or am I too late in entering for it? Lol If I read it right it started 12/12/14

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