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    This explains my dilemma, I was trying to post about in the piggy forum thingy today.

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    I just wanted to say Thank y’allshowered with love so much!!!! cloud9  smilie two cents

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    I thought there were 2 winners in this challenge?

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    We had 24 she counted, then 3 more were added and we should be ready!!! I just posted about it, waiting for approval for the post. I’m so excited to see how this is going to work! The first and only challenge I’ve seen open and been in since I’ve been here.

    Are you excited too?

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    Haha!!! Now there is 27 recipes. Can we do the drawing now?

    I’m so excited to see how this works. The first and only challenge I’ve seen open and participated in. I’m sooooo excited!

    How does it alert the 2 winners?

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    Hi teapot! If this dip recipe is for the Hamilton beach challenge we are waiting for one more recipe over there to finish the challenge. Would you please please please showered with loveadd it on that post, it should I think be under this one in the forum.

    Maybe. LOL I am not good at remembering or at computer stuff. But also I dont want you to miss out on winning one of the 2 little dippers (mini crockpots is what I call them) And BTW I m sad I didnt see your recipe till just now, Im bookmarking this on my computer so I can make it when I am ready for summer to be over!

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    Hi!! I’m just wondering when you are announcing the winner, or if you did already and I’m not looking in the correct place? I think if I counted correctly 27 recipes.

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    Are we going to be having any new challenges soon? Also where do all the challenges post to? Here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

    Do you have Instagram? Sorry I’ve been gone so long my laptop died and now I’m only on mobile.

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    Cannoli Dip
    We just made this a week ago it is so delicious and easy to make!

    2c~ Ricotta cheese
    1~8oz package of cream cheese
    1 1/2c~powdered sugar
    1tsp~vanilla extract
    1c~ mini semi sweet choc chips

    Beat ricotta and cream cheese in a bowl until smooth, stir in powdered sugar and vanilla until p. sugar is incorporated well then fold in choc chips. Finally cover with plastic wrap refrigerate till chilled at least 10 minutes.

    Serve with pizzelle wafers or waffle cones or bowls broken up into scoop shapes. We just used waffle cones. Between my 2 teenaged boys, my hubby and myself this did not even last the full night!!

    It is so yummy and fast to make. Plus if you can get the ricotta and cream cheese on sale its even better ��

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    Thank you! I have no idea how to can anything, thats my father in laws domain! His name is Russell Korba, We call him Russell Stewart, He cooks, cans, sews, paints, crafts, makes sets and costumes for plays, he can sing, act, he really is a jack of all trades.

    he has a super fancy sewing machine that embroiders, he used to make sweatshirts and bags like totes and sell them at craft shows and stuff. i’m so jealous. ive asked him to teach me how to use a sewing machine and he just doesn’t have time.

    lol i’ve gone over there with a pair of jeans coming apart at the seams that fell apart on the way over there and he just ran downstairs and fixed them right up. ugh im so jelly that other people can do anything like i’ve mentioned above. it’s so not fair.

    i can sing and i used to be able to decorate cakes, now i shake too much for that. 🙁 i did download a free kindle book from here on how to can! 😉

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    How long is it good for after you make it? Do you need to put it in the fridge right away?

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    Can you make it without the cloves? I cannot stand the smell or taste of cloves. I forget if you said or not so I may just be asking something you already said (oops) how long does it last after its made?

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    I was going through my Mom’s recipes and found this dip recipe she used to make for me to get me to eat fruit, lol apples mainly. Its Apple Dip.

    8oz. pack of cream cheese
    1/2 cup of brown sugar
    1tsp. Vanilla extract
    You just mix it all together until its smooth and the sugar is dissolved.
    She hasnt made it for me since high school and I graduated in 1993, she passed in 2010.

    I just found it and I am sooo making it. You can always use low fat cream cheese or flavored cream cheese to mix it up a bit. I think I’m gonna try it with the honey nut cream cheese.

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    You are welcome! Maybe make some without too! Some furmama’s and daddys might not want to hear the squeaky sounds!

    I wonder how it would work like to get some different material like on clearance at the craft store to make something for a bigger dog maybe like a waterproof type almost that they couldnt bite through? I dont know maybe that wouldnt work, it probably would depend on if the material would be safe for them to chew. Oh well Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!

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    I have always used the regular blue dawn dish soap you have to lather them up really good and let it sit on the animal for at least 5 minutes or longer, then I use the shower handle attachment with the blast the one spray part that comes out after they are mostly rinsed, and spray the fleas off that are dead and kind of stuck in their fur. Then I dry them with the blow dryer on a warm to cool setting constantly moving the blowdryer. The flea product I use is from the store Meijer. Its their store brand product. The active ingredient in it is FIPRONYL. It kills live fleas, eggs and larvae. You can vacuum your house everyday to help get rid of fleas faster. But within 2 weeks your house will be rid of fleas. The fleas alive in your house will die with nothing to eat, the eggs in your house that will hatch within the 2 weeks will starve because there is nothing for them to eat on. I had this problem last year and spent tons and tons of money and NOTHING worked. I googled for days and found out about the fipronyl and it was true the fleas were gone from my house in 2 weeks. They were eating my son alive, I’m pretty sure he was allergic too, he had over 60 bites in just 2 days staying at my house. You dont have to spend the money at the vets office any flea product with fipronyl will work. The Meijer brand is 19.99 for 3 doses. My friend was priced at her vet 5 days ago for her cat 22.00 a dose per cat for frontline for them. Also you can use simple table salt on your carpet instead of the diatemacous earth. It does the same thing it dries out the flea shells killing them, sprinkle it on your carpet rub it in a bit and on the edges really good and leave it for a few days then vacuum, you can do it over and over again. Plus its super cheap. Also once you use the dawn dish soap on your pets and kill the fleas you can use a regular conditioning pet shampoo to soothe their skin.

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