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    I have also Just recently put myself into making homemade soaps, just tonight I made my own honey shampoo (liquid) and next I have a recipe for shampoo soap bars. I am extremely excited. Though I may end up making my laundry detergent first, I’ll do my best to make them both in the same day :).

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    I am also a new chicken owner and I started myself off with 11 chicks.

    I will first state my reasons for why: 1st) I have two kids and a husband plus myself and with eleven hens now laying I can comfortably use the eggs for baking and cooking and not have to worry about buying at the store.
    2nd) I wanted the chicks to raise myself because I remember as a child that chickens who weren’t handled could be a bit onery, so I raised mine in a bath tub in the house and I let my oldest son play with them and held them myself.

    They are very sweet hens and anyone can hold or catch them should they get out of their coop.
    3rd) I got eleven just incase any turned out to be roosters I would still have a pretty good number of hens and if they all turned out to be hens (which they did) I would still want that many.
    4th) also chickens are cannibals in a sense, should you get chicks and raise them to full grown and decide you want more you would have to get about three (to be safe) full grown or your original coop hens would bully the newer chicken.

    should the new chickens be chicks they would get killed by the older chickens, my grandma had that happen.
    Also, if any of your chicks or chickens get hurt and start bleeding it is possible tht the other chickens will peck at the wound and make it worse and depending on age possibly kill the injured one. I usually separate mine if I see that start happening.
    With all that I love having my chickens I feed them vegetable and bread scraps and they just love it and I love their eggs.:)lol

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    It was a little overcast though the clouds didn’t produce anything but shade, there was a slight breeze which made my long sleeves comfortable.

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    Oh okay, so I’m not doing it wrong It’s just apart of my level. Thank you :).

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