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    1. Get food at a food auction to get low prices.
    2. Get food that a local grocery store is about to throw out.

    Eat fresh, can and give to our animals.
    3. Buy cars for under $1500 and do the repairs on them as necessary.

    I’d make homemade “just add water” meals-in-jars (to have on hand for power outages) for our extended family using home dehydrated ingredients.

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    My theme is Power Outage Preparation Basket. These items will provide a meal to fix on a wood fire as well as a few other items to help the unprepared to keep up their morale.

    Line a basket with a space blanket. Fill with these mixes:

    Cajun-Style Popcorn Mix (plus unpopped popcorn) – $0.60
    Vegetable Soup Mix – $1.09
    2-Ingredient No-Knead Bread Ingredients- $1.25
    Zucchini Bread baked in a Jar Mix- $1.84

    Also add:
    2 packets instant coffee – $0.46
    2 packets coffee creamer powder – $0.12
    2 packets sugar – (free – leftover from a restaurant visit)
    2 packets hot chocolate – $0.74

    12 tealights from Ikea $0.04ea – $0.36
    print out of instructions for how to turn tealights into a room heater – $0.05
    playing cards – $1.00
    rules to various card games (printed out from internet) $0.25
    2 light sticks – $2.00
    print out of instructions for how to turn a light stick into a room light from internet $0.05
    Manual can opener $2.69
    1 space blanket (plus 1 for liner and one for wrapping) – $3.00
    10 Home-made Waterproof matches $0.05

    The trick to keeping the costs as low as this is using home dehydrated and home canned items wherever possible as well as buying in bulk and/or on sale with coupon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)