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    Amalgamate….maybe you could everyone’s clothes except hubbies and the sheets on your bed. Still would be a savings.

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    I’m figuring you killed off your own flock…..hehehehe

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    Does someone know which Savemarts and Ralph’s in CA double coupons? I live in the central valley and I’ve never seen doubled coupons anywhere near me.

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    Has anyone ever made this without frying the chicken? The asian dishes I like the least are the ones where the chicken is fried but generally I like the flavor of the spices that are used. I think it is the texture of the fried meat in a sauce that I have trouble with.

    I know it probably sounds crazy.

    in reply to: Copycat: ORANGE JULIUS #450970

    I believe Orange Julius has always used a protein powder. Even way back then when they opened their business it would have been against health dept codes to service raw eggs to customers. Years ago there was a product called Tiger(s) Milk that friends of mine used to make it but I would imagine it was a vanilla flavored protein powder.

    You can buy the flavored egg protein powder at many grocery stores.

    in reply to: Ingredients not found in South Africa #450969

    The Dawn liquid has an ingredient that breaks down grease and oil. Perhaps you have a comparable one in South Africa. Maybe you can call a wildlife rehab and ask them what they would use for an oil soaked bird?

    Not sure how much it would cost to ship a bottle but there is a variety now that is “concentrated” so that might be your best bet for shipping.

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    I only have a couple of bottles so far and I’m finding them at tjmaxx, marshall’s and ross in the personal care section. these are naturally discounted over the ones i found online and in health food store but i do have to choose from what is available. so far i’ve found peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus.

    i’m planning to make my own bath crystals like the ones i’ve paid way too much for at bath and bodyworks.

    in reply to: need super-cleaner for impossible hard water scale #450967

    We also have very hard water and though I don’t have any good ideas for cleaning the mineral deposits off your shower doors I will tell you what the glass guy told me. He said to use the wax they use for boats on my fiberglass shower AND the glass doors to prevent the minerals from sticking. This way I have prevented the problem for 30 years.

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