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  • they are already out!!!

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    freebiequeen;129694 wrote:
    click vote on the top right, then vote on a barn, and


    code 1: p8039
    code 2: u6

    and choose any variety.

    Voting ends jan 5, 2010.

    help grow your soup

    it wouldn’t except any of the flavors i tried to use!!

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    Offer no longer available!

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    Cookies must be enabled to use promotions.

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    My daughter Katy as psoriasis and the doctors all say moisture, moisture, moisture. They say to moisturize very where and as often as possible. Some of the other products for skin conditions are very expensive.

    This site seems to be cheaper (shipping could hike the price up), and they offer coupons, plus, plus!

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    Welcome! If you need it you can useally find it here!

    in reply to: does any one have a cure for psoriasis? #424987

    My 6 year old daughter katy, was just diagnoised with psoriasis. The creams the dr. Gave me work but, gets everything all greasy. It clears up and then comes right back.

    I have managed to use trial and error to find helpful solutions.
    We use a body wash for deep moisture, and a lotion with no dyes or fragrance (like eucrin) as soon as she gets out of the bath. Also i don’t give her nsaids anymore, they cause flear ups. Bath oils also help keep her skin moisturized.

    The sun also helps alot.
    She has four seperate creams to use. Vectical goes on as a base for everything but her hair, then desonide on top for her groin, underarms, and face. Fluocinonide goes over the vectical for the rest of her body.

    Taclonex is used on her head. I also found that the drug companies give you discount cards. It took us a year to find out what she had and to find the right treatment.

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    Do you have any packing companies nearby? We have a beef packing company near us. My aunt works there and just bought me 2 chubs of ground round (angus) for $20.00 $10.00 a roll!

    Make a friend at one and they can get overstock really cheap. Also buy from meat markets near holidays, I bought a case of beef ribs, brisket, pork chops, and whole chickens from the meat market here and only spent $150.00. That will feed my family for several meals!!

    Meat tends to go on really great sales near holidays.

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    Thank you, I’ll get my coupons ready and get me one.

    in reply to: Does anyone have a recipe for fondant? #424736

    Hobby lobby has it in the cake decorating section!! It is kind of tricky to make, if its to humid it will not stiffen up.

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    This will really help josh with learning his state capitols!!

    in reply to: 4 year old birthday present help? #421335

    My daughter liked hers but didn’t hold her attention well. It holds up great!! My husband stepped on it several times (he gets up real early to go to work, she left it in the floor).

    The dog even tried chewing on it!!

    in reply to: I have a question about homemade laundry soap. #421067

    Thank you all!! I will give it a try. I should know in a few days after washing if it bothers anyone.

    in reply to: Saving Coconut #416383

    Coconut has oil in it like nuts. Freezing it locks in the oils and helps keep it moist. If you seal a bag and put it in the freezer it can be kept for up to six months and still be fresh. I don’t think you can rehydrate coconut but you might try it.

    in reply to: Aldi question #413087

    I use alot of cream soups and baking items and aldis is really cheap. We only have 5 grocery stores here and 3 of those are the same store. Aldis sugar is a 5lb bag for $1.89 and walmart’s is $2.99 for a 4lb bag!

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