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    @Wingnutt39 870233 wrote:

    I badly want to make the pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese filling. But here in New Zealand we dont have pumpkin in a tin. So my qiestion is if I cook my own do I need to add anything to the pumpkin & would I use the same measurements as for a tin.

    here’s how to use fresh instead of canned

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    @kyuuei 604486 wrote:

    Maybe this is a silly question, but can you take it out of the freezer once it’s solid? or will it melt again?

    It will melt again and just be greek yogurt with fruit and nuts. 🙂

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    I was actually just going to moderate this post and remove it because we try to ensure that everything shared in the forums is legit, researched this a little bit and found out that a person can indeed detect some forms of cancer this way.

    very interesting!

    thanks for sharing, here’s a link from abc news about this:

    “it turns out a fair number of testicular cancers make the same exact hormone,” said dr. mark pomerantz, a genitourinary oncologist at the dana-farber cancer institute in boston. “there are very few things in the body that produce beta hcg, and testicular cancer is one of them.”

    Pregnancy Test, Used by a Man as Joke, Reveals Testicular Cancer – ABC News

    Very interesting read, thank you for sharing Goob!

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    Grab a sample of this one, it still works

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    in reply to: Free Swimming Pool Test Kit #453595

    This one is for testing other peoples pools- like when you stay at a hotel or use the YMCA, etc so you know if it’s actually safe to swim in.

    in reply to: Free FIJI Water at Barnes & Noble – FB #453286

    This one is still available, just Enter your information on the Fiji Water Facebook page and get a coupon for a bottle of Fiji Water. You will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $150 Barnes and Noble gift card.

    in reply to: Free Pantene shampoo & conditioner sample #449462

    Thank you, I grabbed this one and it is still available as of this morning

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    @lworkman 395610 wrote:

    I was trying to download the weekly menus and a message appears saying the security code is not valid. Please correct this.

    this site doesn’t utilize “security codes” so my guess is either you weren’t downloading menus from this site or your computer is infected with some sort of malware and you should scan it immediately with malwarebytes from (don’t download it from anywhere else!)

    it’s free and it will help you clean your system. in the future, all of the downloads are available in the “downloads” section, which is found by clicking on the “downloads” tab at the top of your page in the green navbar.

    here it is for ease:
    Downloads –

    The Printable Menus are available here:
    Printable Menus – Downloads –

    Please note, you must be registered and logged in to access the downloads features.

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    @monnalu 392392 wrote:

    Are you having an issue with your server today? I can only access the home page and the forums since mid-morning. I want to get some of the myo mix recipes and cannot access the pages.

    I click on the link and it either tells me the page is not available or it reverts back to the home page.

    Yes, there was actually a post about it earlier yesterday but if you weren’t able to load pages you probably didnt see it. The error message/ blank page you saw was due to the friendly url direction system being shut off temporarily to reduce the server load. It was all ill-attempt at keeping the site running with over 20,000+ people online at once.

    (Not the normal rate of traffic, but I guess that means everyone is enjoying Liss’ Excellent Free Book Deal!)

    I see Liss responded to your message briefly but didn’t go into details on this. I’m sure she’s got her hands full with work!

    Regardless of which browser you’re using you will need to Completely Clear the Cache and Cookies to empty it and force a clean reload of the site altogether. Any time you visit a site that was working for you and then suddenly stopped, you should do this. Cookies can become corrupt & be missing data causing errors.

    Here’s a Link that Explains how to clear your cache in ff:

    How do I clear cache in ff? | firefox support forum | mozilla support

    here’s a link that explains how to clear your cache in ie (although i don’t know too many people who still use this truncated software!):

    How to Clear Your Cache in Internet Explorer | eHow


    Thank you for being so understanding and patient, you would not believe some of the emails and letters people send in to the site Demanding this or that and threatening the family that runs the site with writing nasty letters to the site sponsors, or unliking them on fb and never sharing anything from their site again, etc etc. over the years liss has shared a few with us mods, a little side entertainment if you will. :dramathrive:

    i digress, again, thank you for having some patience & positive attitude, that’s what our community is all about!

    Daisy :smiley-signs061:

    in reply to: Newbie Introduction #444235

    Hi carol, welcome to the site, we look forward to reading your money saving ideas!

    Received this via our contact form:

    Name :
    Teresa Amyx

    City :
    Kingsport Tn

    Email :

    Browsertype :
    Internet Explorer

    Changes :
    This is the most messed up sure I\’ve ever tried to figure out. I wanted the free download from Kid Rock the National Guard Warrior song. I tried to post and get it and its just pardon me f_____ up!!!

    Never could get it and I would have used your site but not now. Take it and keep it.

    Experience :
    I’m a Pro- been there, done that

    Message :

    This site sucks!!i can\’t figure out how to post. You dangle free so g downloads that you can not get to download and your site sucks. How many more words to type until I get to 50 this sucks.

    in reply to: Free U by Kotex Tampons and Liners Sample Pack #441450

    Thank you for sharing – btw, this one is still working as of this morning without any issues, :smile1:

    @theboysmom 320662 wrote:

    While looking around the site during the surprise challenge time period was knocked of the site and had to sign in will just look around the site from now on, not wasting time when getting knocked off that often!!

    That’s really odd, the notification feature on the site isn’t linked to the login/logout feature of the site. It sounds like perhaps it’s a caching issue with the browser. Where you logged in for a long period of time without changing pages?

    in reply to: confused? Please help :( #432790

    The sites are sister sites that are owned by the same Family Network, but virginia is quite correct- the Thank you gift programs are separate. There are different drawings & different types of forums available on both sites.

    in reply to: Glazed Chinese Chicken #431265

    MMM! this one sounds yummy. I wonder if I can find something to substitute the cola. I haven’t had cola in the house in 3 or 4 years now.

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