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    Someone had this posted on Craigslist, has free depression recipes. So I ask them to send me a copy. Very interesting recipes here.

    Love the way they worded things back then. These are recipes that they used during the depression I believe.

    Depression Recipes

    Pasta with Peas
    olive oil
    tomato sauce(optional)
    water to cook pasta in
    peel and dice potatoe and dice onion. put a little olive oil in it fry it until potatoes are “rosy”. Open can of peas and put them in.

    Wait til it boils to put the pasta in. Simmer til pasta is done.Put desired amount of salt and pepper. Put desired amount of tomato sauce in and Serve.

    Egg Drop Soup
    Olive Oil
    1/2 pot full of water
    salt and Pepper
    Bread(choose to toast or not toast)
    shredded cheese( you shred yourself or buy already shredded)
    Dice and peel potatoes and onions. Fry potatoe and onion in olive oil. Brown.

    Get eggs ready and let it simmer for a bit. Put the eggs in it, let them scramble. (one egg per person.)

    Poor Man’s meal
    Hot dogs
    vegetable oil
    tomatoe sauce(optional)
    peel and cube tomatoes and onions.

    Put pil in with them and let them simmer. Cut up Hotdog, Fry with potatoe and onion, when hotdogs bend up a little it is done.

    Peppers and Eggs
    red, yellow and green peppers(1 of each)
    vbegetable oil
    4 eggs
    salt and pepper
    cut and fry pepper in oil. Turn heat down after peppers begin to brown. whisk 4 eggs together, put them in and let them scramble under wown heat, serve with homemade bread (see below)

    Homemade bread

    5 lbs of flour
    2 oz of yiest
    add room temperature water throughout. When it feel like proper dough, add salt and sugar to taste. let it rise for about 3 hours.cut slits.

    bake until it gets fairly rosy

    Depression Breakfast
    (homemade) bread(cook night before)
    eggs flour

    mix together eggsadd 1.5 cups of flour and add sugar. make into cookies, bake at 350 til rosy. serve with bread, butter and coffee.

    I made the Pasta with Peas tonight for dinner, pretty tasty!

    (I used wholewheat pasta). Can’t wait to try the other recipes. Thanks!

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    Even though I’m not retired yet(have another 10 yrs) my husband is retired and gets social security and works a part-time job. I think your ideas would be of interest to us and lots of others.

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    Oh, I love coffee-mate and the many flavored creams(a little pricey). Do we just go onto Coffemate.com and find the info? ps I tried making my own flavored coffee: Lite chocolate syrup and coffee, pretty tasty!


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    This has been very helpful, thank you!

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    I can’t wait to try this recipe as my husband is diabetic, and pecan pie is his favorite! I’m sure he would rather have something home-made instead of sugar-free popsicles, jello and the like. Thank you for sharing!

    ps. we have a LARGE bag of pecans just given to us.

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    Thank you all for such a warm welcome! With hours @work down to 16 per wk, and hubby working 24, there’s not a lot of $$$ left over. I am so thankful I found this site. It has been a tremendous help already! Hope to post something useful to all of you soon!

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