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    None really work. I will say though dawn dish soap will work if you just want to get LIVE fleas off. Take some of the soap and create a necklace with the soap, this creates a barrier the fleas won’t cross.

    Then use a lot and soap the dog up. Either they will be drowned by the soap or they will jump off. Now like I said this will only get rid of live fleas.


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    Very traditional for my family!

    Lamb chops
    Mashed potatoes
    Gf rolls

    My grandfather use to always do a leg of lamb with roasted Greek potaoes. Still one of my favs. My mom and I are just making it easier now.


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    Thank you! Tossing in the crockpot not. Glad I have 3 crockpots.

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    I’ve had mine a good 2 months and it’s still working fine. I already picked up my refill. Kroger here in Indy has digital coupons on their site.

    So when they went on sale I used the coupon and got it for $2.99.

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    This looks really good I’ll have to try them. I have really missed biscuits.

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    Thanks I’ll look thru it. The hardest thing about most of the GF cookbooks or sites is that I have 3 boys. It’s also very expensive and not at all things we would eat.


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    I’m new also and I currently live in Noblesville, but I grew up in Carmel.


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    @bethaliz6894 217026 wrote:


    is there anyone one here from indiana? how about central indiana?


    Hi I’m new but I’m originally from Carmel, but live in Noblesville now.


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