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    Welcome to the site! You’ll find lots of good ideas and recipes too.

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    I don’t have any more ideas, but I will definitely being trying it at my house.

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    Welcome. I hope you find some of your answers here. And new ideas are always welcome.

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    Thank you so much for the ideas… I knew you would come through for me.
    worthy smilie

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    The oldest thing that I own would be a doll that I received from a gentleman when I was two. The doll dates back to late 1800’s.

    Here’s the story behind the doll:

    There was a gentleman in the town where I live by the name of Mr. Beckler but the kids in this town knew him as “Mr. Christmas”. He was retired gentleman that took in gently used toys and refurbished them for children who otherwise may not have received one for Christmas. My grandparents played cards every weekend with he and his wife.

    Everytime my grandpa stopped to see him during the week that I was with him, Mr. Beckler would give me a toy from his workshop.

    One day, my grandfather took me to see Mr. Beckler when I was around the age of two. He handed me this “porcelin” (it was a composite doll with porcelin overlay) doll with carved teeth and a german style dress. Upon arriving at my grandparents house with the doll in my arms, my grandma sent my grandpa to the store to buy me a doll and traded me, so she could preserve the doll for me.

    The doll has been dated to turn of the century. She presides in a box in my closet, as she has aged and needs to be refurbished.

    The last time I saw Mr. Beckler, it was I who took my ailing grandfather to see him. I was sixteen. He apologized because he had nothing left in his workshop to give me.

    What he didn’t realize was watching two old friends talk and laugh together for what was probably the last time was all I needed. Both men passed shortly thereafter.

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    Welcome to the site. I’ve found the best way to learn when it comes to cooking is practice, practice, practice and don’t be afraid of failure. Good Luck!

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    Ooh, I love shopping in thrift stores and consignment shops! Welcome to the site!

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    It happens to us all and sometimes takes several bouts to get it right. Personally, I have not given myself access to a credit card in 2-1/2 years. We have been slowly digging ourselves out of hole we put ourselves in.

    This site will give you some insight to budgets and how to save money. Hang in there, ask questions and read, read, read.

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    Welcome to the site. You’ll find more money saving ideas than you ever dreamed of.

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    Welcome, my tip for you is if you can’t find it ask. Everyone is very gracious and helpful. I hope you enjoy cruising the site.

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    Welcome from a fellow Kansan. I hope you like it here. I’ve found a lot of good information and recipes.

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    Strawberries are my real problem. They seem to be more of a leather. They’re still delicious just not the texture I want for this application.

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    Thank you! This has the same ingredients as were listed on the nutrition label.

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    What are their ages? If they are old enough – good old-fashioned board games may entertain them. When my boys were younger we had a large selection and would even have a family game night. Otherwise, the older children could take turns picking out a book and reading it to the younger ones.

    As for the chores, we have a rotating room schedule that changes once a week. The kitchen includes loading and running the dishwasher, hand-washing anything that shouldn’t go through the dishwasher, wiping down the counters on a dailiy basis and vacuuming as needed. If someone is assigned the bathroom, they clean that room as needed. run the laundry and take out the trash. The person assigned to the living room folds and delivers the laundry, and dusts and vacuums that room and the hallway. They are each responsible for their own rooms. Keep in mind I have three teenage boys and they are more capable than a younger child would be. When they were younger, I had a list of what each should be capable of and assigned from that. It included a check list for each of them step by step so that they would know exactly what was required for each task.

    We also have a family calendar that lists the chores for the week and any appointments, sports practices placed in the kitchen since everyone has to see it.

    Hope some of these ideas help.

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    I was just going through my Grandmother’s recipe box the other day…

    One of my Dad’s favorits was Pork and Bean Soup

    1 can pork and beans
    1-3 potatoes (whatever you have) peeled and cubed
    1 quarter onion chunked (if you have it)
    1-2 carrots peeled and sliced
    1 pint half and half or cream (I’ve substituted evaporated milk or powdered milk in a pinch -it’s just a little thinner)

    Boil potatoes, onion, and carrots in a kettle of water until tender (if you want to cut starch you can drain and add fresh water). Add can of pork and beans and cream and simmer until warm throughout or longer. The longer it simmers the thicker it will be.

    She used to serve this with Grebble – A fried sweet bread – I’ll post that recipe later.

    Also, quick and cheap…..

    Fried Noodles with Pork and Beans

    Vegetable Oil
    Can of Pork and Beans

    Cook noodles as directed on package and drain.

    Heat oil and add noodles. Fry until some are crispy or slightly browned. In our house the crispier the better.

    Serve noodles topped with Pork and Beans straight out of the can.

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