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    Free Set Of Twelve Powers Affirmation Cards And Magnet Frame

    this one is still active

    got mine today and just in time, I ran out of dish detergent last night

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    my daugther will love this thanks

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    nothing showing up anymore on my end for this

    they will send you the link for the free pizza if in another area but then when you go to it to sign up for the voucher it only has michigan in there

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    even after signing in im getting there are no current offers

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    this will only be running until the end of February. This does include free shipping.

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    @Creditnet 135667 wrote:

    I used to pay over $100 each month to Comcast for cable. What I found, after 3 years, was I was really only watching network stations… abc, nbc, cbs, fox.

    now, i watch via hulu or i go to the network’s website and watch shows there. it’s cheaper than tivo or dvr because it’s free. and all i pay for is internet.

    yes, it can be annoying to have to watch trailers, but 30 seconds of a trailer is better than 2 minutes of commercials. Plus, you can always get through all the commercials at once by clicking through to each different segment. Then, start at the beginning and watch Desperate Housewives uninterrupted!

    Now that you can stream in HD, I can’t justify paying $1200+ a year for tv that i hardly use.

    just a little tip on comcast, i have a good friend who works for them and this works i did it. get a quote from direct tv call comcast tell them you have a quote from direct tv and are going to change if your bill is not lowered somehow. they will keep your same channels and lower your bill to the specials they have for that package.

    just got mine lowered from 114.00 a month to 71.95 includin taxes. Thats almost half of what I was payingmultistars smilie it is good for 6 months, the rep told me in 6 months call them back and threaten to switch again they will lower it again.

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    @mos 135549 wrote:

    way cool! I didn’t know that MK had such great budget prices! does MK still have a fragrance — oh poo! I can’t remember the name of it;- something fire or fire something… any idea what I’m talking about?!

    i looked didnt see anything with the word fire but did see an amber (thats the closest I could get) did you want the link to my friends site to see if you can find it? I will be so glad when my site is up lol

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    Ranging from 2.49-2.59 depending where you go and what part of the city you are in

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    Thanks guys this helps a lot. Just looking at the packages was getting quite discouraging. I love venison wouldnt have even thought about it being low in fat.

    I have a jar in the pantry I got for Christmas from a family friend. And Im making notes on the other stuff for the next time I go to the grocery store. My problem is I live in the south and I do cook southern a lot of butter and fatback seasonings etc.

    Guess I will just have to look at what types Im buying uggggg there goes my country crock lol

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    @FreebieQueen 134658 wrote:

    BORED1 smilie
    Register and click on the free Spitoon vidoe, the lady will draw a colored ball out of the hopper and whatever color she picks is what you get

    im not finding the video i do see where you can get a coupon

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    says due to overwhilming response may be delayed but even with everything filled in it still gives an error message

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    Just got this one, it does say at the end of the description that it is available for 1.99 but if you are one of the 400 it will say 0.00 at the top right corner, it also includes a marriage myth book for free when you order this. No shipping either

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    oesnt seem to be working comes up as a jpg and wont let you click or at least me

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