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    How true! Plus, I could eat anything with pumpkin in it every day of my life. I love the pumpkin!!


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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! It nice to be in a place so friendly and willing to share great ideas and savings. 😀

    See you around on the forum! love smiley


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    YUMMY!! Another great recipe I must test!! Thanks for such an easy (and looks to be mouth-wateringly good) coffee cake recipe!



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    This recipe sounds delish!! Thank you Mos! I’m going to try it this weekend and if I like it, might bring a loaf in to work on Monday.



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    This is great information! Thank you for the link, FreebieQueen! I want to stop so many catalogs that come in the mail, like V. Secret.

    Mostly because I have no inclination to buy any of the stuff they are selling but to also stop the damage they cause to our environment.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)