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    What a fabulous idea for propagation, thank you for sharing!

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    shake on Alum, or mix alum with water& dishsoap and spray the plants. Alum is bitter, Squirrels are mostly aftr water but are not above stealing your maters. They don’t care for the alum.

    Dog patrol works too…make your pooch work for his spot in the home.

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    @cncgirl00 392034 wrote:

    Use toilet paper rolls to start seedlings. Fold one end in, add soil, seeds, and set on a tray. You can plant the whole thing since the roll will degrade into the soil

    Best to cut the roll in half and make it into 2 pots…

    BTW a great project to teach children!

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    @BiggerPiggyBank 4130 wrote:

    I’ve seen alot of people use hay between rows. I’d love to do that but my horse
    would be breaking into my garden

    Wheat straw or Rye straw is cheaper and not as tempting to horses, and contains less weed seeds than hay.

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    If you take your clothes out before they are bone dry, they won’t have the static. The moisture helps with that.

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    I used to play the coupon game, but found it is less expensive to send dear hubby to the store to do our grocery shopping. There are still things I purchase that I’m picky about, but for general stuff, he’s the man!

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    I found the recipe by using the search bar at the top! Gonna try it soon.

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    1. I nitend to start walking again.
    2. I intend to start using my little trampoline again.
    3. I intend to get my food plan back into smooth running order ( 3 cups leafy greens, 3 cups high sulfer veggies, 3 cups different colorful veggies/fruits).

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    I grow my own veggies, I menu plan, and I take my lunches.

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