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    Hi Alicia,

    I new here too. I also live in PA. I love the idea of recycle crafting!

    Be sure to post some of your ideas and pictures, I’d love to see them! I just started my very first container garden and I’m super excited. I hope it does well.

    I look forward to seeing you on the boards.

    Mama Bear

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    Thank You! Do I start getting rid of the suckers now? The plants are about a month old.

    My husband plants a garden, but he never does that, or cages. This is my own garden and I want to do well. My husband does not plant cucumbers, I love them!

    Great to know I can increase my yield by having a cage for the plant.

    Thanks again for your help,
    Mama Bear

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    Hi Joey,

    My husbands been laid off for going on 3 years now and it’s been a rough go. Here’s a short list of some of the things we’ve done.

    -changed car insurance companies, we are saving almost half now
    -changed our telephone & internet service. Called to see what they could offer and they bundled it into a package where we are saving at least a third, and we didn’t lose any services. We gained some like caller ID, call waiting, and an answering service mailbox.
    -we change trash haulers from Waste management to a local company and now we are saving over $200 a year
    -we cut cable, that took some getting used to.

    We watch Hulu on the computer and lots of DVD & tapes.

    we have an converter box and can get some channels.
    -we pack food and drink every time we leave the house so we never have to stop and get something to eat or drink.
    -i now make everything from scratch, I make up my own mixes and that has really lowered our food cost
    -my husband increased the amount of plants he planted in the garden and we began freezing produce for the Fall and Winter months
    -I found several food salvage stores in our area, it really helps keep the food bill down
    -I started shopping at the farmers market on Sunday nights right before closing time.

    The farmer don’t want to haul the stuff back home and they sell it cheap.
    -I put heavy blankets under all our curtains to keep the cold out in the Winter.
    -We keep the air conditioner off as much as possible in the Summer
    -we started hang our clothes instead of using the dryer
    -we turn off all lights
    -I found a cheaper doctor
    -I went around to all the drug stores for a list of their $4. $6 & $10 medications. I carry them with me to the MD’s.

    If we need medication he is handed the list and informed that whatever he wants us to take must be on one of those lists or we won’t be taken it.
    -Any clothing is purchased at GoodWill or thrift stores with the exception of underwear and shoes
    -make homemade laundry detergent and cleaning solutions
    -started using coupons
    -only buy loss leaders at food stores
    -we only go to the budget movie theater, if at all
    -get pets shots at a discount vet clinic at the pet food store

    These are things we don’t do but may help

    -Angel food boxes are great, they really help with the food budget and they even have gluten free boxes and produce boxes
    -some electric companies have off peak hours where eletric is less, so people do laundry then. Have to call co. to sign up.
    -some churches have clothes pantries
    -get signed up at a local church for the food pantry
    -have a yard sale
    -sell your gold

    I hope these things help. I hope you get back to work really soon

    Mama Bear

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    Wow! I love that tip about the green onions! and I love that I can keep foods for so long if kept in the freezer.

    I’m really hoping that I enjoy this method of perserving food. It seems quite easy and I’m excited for it to get here so I can get started.

    Thanks for taking the time to post,
    Mama Bear

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    Thank You! I love cookies! 🙂

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    Hi Cathy! I just registered too! We garden and also are interesting in herbs. We have loads of medical herbs and trees in our yard. I hope to see you lots of the boards!

    Mama Bear

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    Get Out! Oh I’m so going to do that! Thanks!

    in reply to: 21 Things to Do before Summer Ends #428210

    Thanks Cherlyynn, You’re right it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to have fun and enjoy the Summer. I figure we could mope about not getting to go on vacation and waste the Summer away feeling sorry for ourselves or we could do something productive and enjoy time with friends and family!

    I can’t wait for lemons to go on sale so I can try the lemonade recipe. It’s so hot today it sure would be great right now!

    in reply to: Chik-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches #428209

    Thanks! I’ve got to try this one. Now I’ve got to get a pressure cooker! LOL!

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    Wow! This is great!!!!!

    in reply to: Hidden Valley’s Ranch-Style Dressing Mix #428207

    Yummy! Thanks, I can’t wait to try it!

    in reply to: ISO: betty crocker suddenly salad pastas #428206

    Oh, I’m going to have to try and make my own suddenly salad recipes with my own dehydrated vegetables! Thanks for the idea!

    in reply to: How to Grow Tomatoes in a Pot #428204

    Thank you for this post!

    in reply to: 21 Things to Do before Summer Ends #428203

    Thanks! I’m making the lemonade without a doubt! It sounds Yummy!

    *This Summer I’ll be yard saling for things for my DS2’s log cabin room redo. I already bought some paint off the $5 rack of Home Depot. I bought curtains, a blanket, some pictures & decor already for deep discount, or at GoodWill.

    I found a corner desk set out for the trash. Score! He’s been wanting this for so long and I’ve finally gathered enough together after a year and a half to start this room redo.

    The yard sales will just add the finishing touches.

    *I’m going to freshen our bedroom. I’ve already started decluttering, and plan to get rid of everything that makes the room feel crowed. I’m going to rearrange the furniture, and replace the bed skirt and curtains with ones I have stored away.

    I’m also going to move pictures from the living room to hang in the bedroom.

    *I plan on making lots of homemade ice cream. I’ve got a great new recipe that uses milk powder and peaches.

    *We’ll go to the fair to see fireworks.

    *DS1 and I will go to the free family movies every Tues & Thurs. morning at a local theater

    *We also are going to do playdates at a friend’s house who has a pool.

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    Totally not heart healthy! I grew up on these and can’t imagine not eating them. They were a breakfast staple at my Grandmothers, she sure knew how to stretch a buck!

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