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    PennyPincher, This is a fun thread. i look forward to hearing others oldest things.

    i hope you are well now, sorry about the big medical bill ugh!

    sometimes it’s hard to stay on track when it comes to our money, i’m wishing you well on your frugal journey.

    mama bear

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    Hi AddysMom, {{waving}} I’m new here too! Welcome and I look forward to seeing you on the boards.


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    Aww…That’s okay boys, we’ll get them next year. Just can’t watch the Blackhawks get the Stanley Cup on home ice, had to turn off the TV. 🙁 Looks like our celebration lemon cake with lemon glaze icing has turned become a medicine to soothe our disappointment 🙁

    Is it possible? Am I the only hockey fan on this forum?

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    The oldest thing I own is old cast iron that came over with my relatives when this country was forming. Uncle came over on the Mayflower, Aunt followed in the boat right behind the Mayflower. Other then that I guess my Great, Great Grandmother’s oil lamp, although the globes been replaced.

    Both items are still being used.

    Fun Thread!

    Wow! What a great tip!

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    Oh these do sound YUMMY!

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    So what were you thinking for your bedroom? I’m also thinking about our bedroom. My MIL gave us a new bedspread that’s perfect for Summer, I just love it!

    She also gave us a new bedskirt. As luck would have it I have some navy blue tab top curtains stored away somewhere, I’ve got to find those, that will match perfectly. I also was able to get a new hamper for my husband and some blacker wicker baskets for him to store his stuff for just $6.25!

    I have no pictures in our bedroom so I thought I’d take the hunting dog pictures from our living room and hang them in there, a very frugal solution! Other then that our bedroom could stand a boatload of decluttering and I think I’m going to rearrange the furniture. Right now our bedroom feels very crowded.

    I’d like to be able to walk in our bedroom amd take a deep breath, right now there’s so much stuff I walk in there and catch my breath. LOL!

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    Hi Gracey, Yes faith is what we’re hanging on to also. So sorry to hear about your husband being out of work, times are so tough for so many {hugs} I’ve always been frugal but after almost 3 years of DH being laid off I’ve learned how to be Uber frugal. Sometimes it’s not so fun, but we’re trying to make the best of it.

    I’ve found that I’m developing greater self esteem with each new skill I learn, like gardening, or spackling a wall. It’s kind of freeing in a way, I like the idea of being self sufficent.

    I hope to see you on here lots,
    Mama Bear

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    Oh I so want to do this. Thanks for posting the question michelle69.

    Mama Bear

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    Hi Tim, I new here also. I look forward to seeing you on the boards.

    Mama Bear

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    Hi adrian, I’m also new here. I look forward to seeing you on the boards.

    Mama Bear

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    Hi SongLady!

    LOlL! We are a lot alike. I too am interested in home organizing and decorating.

    I also find myself jumping into too many project at once, in fact I have that problem right now!

    Mama Bear

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    Hello Everyone, I’m new here myself. I hope to be seeing all of you on the boards!

    Mama Bear

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    Hi Beth,

    I just started on here, but I hope to be seeing lots of you. I hope your computer issuses have been resolved.

    Mama Bear

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    Hi Laura, I just found this site and I’m thrilled! I hope to find lots of things to continue on this frugal path.

    See you on the boards,
    Mama Bear

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