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  • in reply to: Cheater chili #437331

    Chili beans will know become one of my pantry staples! I always have the other ingredients on hand an excellent emergency meal!

    in reply to: Tiramisu for Two #436621

    Great recipe and so nice to be able to make a small amount. Of course, leftovers are delicious but high in calories.

    in reply to: Egg and Sausage Bake #436457

    Have you tried freezing this after cooking it? It sounds delicious and could be breakfast, brunch, lunch, or or dinner

    in reply to: Savory Oatmeal #436456

    One of my favorites, too. High protein and good source of fiber at a low price

    in reply to: Navy Bean and Kielbasa Soup #435867

    I like to add carrot, potato, and garlic to this soup. A pinch of thyme gives it more elegance. And, when you’re cooking ridiculously cheap food, elegance is great!

    in reply to: Easy Split Pea Soup #435861

    One of my favorite soups. I like to add celery, potatoes, and sometimes green pepper. More vegetables stretch the protein and add nutrition.

    in reply to: Pork Burritos #435613

    Do you ever stretch this more with rice or beans? I’m thinking of the carnitas burritos served in many restaurants. I want the meat to be enhanced, just want more flavors and textures

    in reply to: 20 cent meal featuring Fall Vegetables and Apples #435132

    This is amazing. Delicious and nutritious! I’d love to see more of these super cheap menus.

    in reply to: Wheat Croutons #435021

    Used the bread dipping mix from this site with leftover homemade bread sticks sliced 1/4″ thick. Gave it a great tadte and high-end look

    in reply to: Bare bones-back against the wall meal plan for 2011-2012 #434977

    I would love to see a nutritional analysis done on the $2.00 daily menu. The menu looks tasty and varied. I’m guessing it could even be lower with homemade bread.

    in reply to: Hamburger Cabbage Casserole #434822

    This could be called “Deconstructed cabbage”. And any deconstructed dish is very trendy.

    in reply to: Crockpot Chicken With Pearl Onions and Mushrooms #434544

    To reduce costs even more, use thighs and or drumsticks and use chopped onion instead of pearl onions. This is excellent served over rice.

    in reply to: A & W Coney Island Sauce #434382

    Are thr dehydrated onions a condiment for the hot dogs? Are any other condiments traditional? I’ve been looking for the recioe for a hot dog served in Harrisburg, PA called the “Spot Dog”, hope this is close.

    in reply to: Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes #434264

    Do you use maple syrup with these pancakes or is there another syrup or topping that enhances these terrific flavors?

Viewing 14 posts - 31 through 44 (of 44 total)