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    Sounds like a great week for eatting at your house. Thanks for sharing your menu. You always inspire me!

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    Welcome! This is just the resource you were looking for! Great method to save money in so many ways!

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    Welcome! You have found a great resource for saving money on food and many other products. And, it is so much FUN!

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    Welcome! I joined just a few months ago and have really enjoyed everything about GroceryBudget 101. I know you’ll have a great experience!

    in reply to: 10 Ways with a can of chickpeas #440521

    One of my favorite chickpea recipes is “Chickpea of the Sea” from The Kitchen website. It uses coarsely chopped chickpeas instead of tuna with onion,celery, and mayo. Delicious!

    in reply to: Pina Colada Jar Cakes #440422

    Great recipe that would make great gifts. Just want to mention that the damp paper towel should be dampened with hot water. Cold water could shatter the hot jar.

    in reply to: Baked Chicken Thighs ~ Curried Chicken Salad #440194

    Made this with peaches (they were on sale and looked and smelled terrific, the nectarines didn’t meet either criterium). Delicious. I think even canned peaches would work when fresh fruits aren’t available.

    And the yogurt gives it a subtle tangy taste. Wow!

    in reply to: St Louis BBQ Pork Loin #439919

    This sounds like an excellent way to cook pork and keep the kitchen cool. Add in easy clean up…you’ve got a winner!

    in reply to: Breakfast Pizza – Paula Dean #439844

    Individual breakfast pizzas. Brilliant. Easy to make the pancakes ahead of time and assemble just before serving.

    An excellent breakfast when you have house guests. And, the toppings can be changed based on allergies and personal taste.

    in reply to: Easy Breakfast Pizza #439842

    Great idea and a great way to add vegetables to breakfast. You could even make half vegetarian and half meat lovers. This will be on my menu this week. Thank you!

    in reply to: Bread pudding in a mug #439724

    I love bread pudding, my husband, not so much. I can make him s traditional American breakfast and I can have THIS! And additions Luke peaches or blueberries will just add to the experience.

    Different breads will also change the end product. I’ll try wheat, rye, challah, and English muffins.

    in reply to: Quickie Breakfast- Omelet in a Mug #439723

    This is also a high protein breakfast and more vegetables can be substituted for the ham to make it a vegetarian meal.

    in reply to: Deviled Eggs – 2.5 WW Points #439464

    Easy and inexpensive. The favorite mustard for picnic and potluck deviled eggs at my house is Coleman’s English mustard (the kind in a jar, not dry). It gives a spicy flavor reminiscent of horseradish and delicious.

    in reply to: Muffin Tin Eggs #438786

    Have you tried this in the oven? It sounds delicious and easy to scale up or down.

    in reply to: Oysters Rockefeller #438772

    Yum! Oysters are very inexpensive here in South Texas and this is a great way to showcase their wonderful flavor. Even if you have to pay more than I do, this is much less expensive than eating at a restaurant. Thank you!

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