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  • By the way, that soda can will work well on pie crusts andmany other sticky items if it’s cold.

    A full soda can makes a great rolling pin. In addition, it keeps you from drinking all of the high calorie, low nutrition ingredients in the “coke”!

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    Most jar mixes use quart jars. Most jelly jars are one cup. So just divide every ingredient by four or separate into four jars.

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    These are one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant dishes. Now I’ll be making them at home and serving them with saffron rice and a salad. Thank you!

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    I prefer lime juice in this recipe. Just personal preference and another option.

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    This turned out to be an excellent dish. I halved the liquid anddecided not to reduce it. Instead, I thickened it with 1 T.

    of cornstarch mixed with I T. of water. It took about 6 hours for two thighs to cook.

    I served mine with jasmine rice andasparagus. Yummy!

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    This would translate well to a slow cooker recipe. I’m a huge fan of braises and will add this to my favorites. Thank you.

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    I have never seen bitters in a martini recipe. I think it will make a real difference. Brilliant!

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    I am making this in my slow cooker today. Seems like a great easy conversion. I am going to serve it over mashed potatoes.

    Almost any vegetable side will work. And, I think any dry wine would be suitable in this recipe.

    in reply to: Cranberry Almond Oatmeal #444829

    This would work well with substitutions, too. No almonds? Substitute pecan, hazelnuts, or pecans.

    No died cranberries? Substitute raisins, dried apricots, cherries, peaches, or figs. And, make a bigger batch and put it in the refrigerator +without the nuts) in canning jars for breakfast later in the week.

    Remove canning jar lid and microwave for a minute or so, sprinkle with nuts and enjoy. Makes morning easier.

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    Clever and nutricious. Can even be baked in your slow-cooker so everyone can join in the fun.

    in reply to: What top 5 things are a *Must Have* in your pantry? #442455

    Five pantry items that help me stay on budget are:
    1. Flour (making my own bread and pasta saves lots of money and let’s me control the ingredients.

    2. Coffee ( not only gets me going in the morning, but also keeps me out of coffee shops)

    3. Canned tuna (always available as an emergency meal as tuna salad, sandwiches, melts, or a casserole

    4. Yeast (making breads, bagels, English muffins, rolls, pizza crusts, etc. really saves $$$ Just purchased 2 lbs.

    for $4.65 That’s a saving bread!)

    5. Pasta (homemade noodles, fettucine, and spaghetti and purchased macaroni and penne. Such good comfort food)

    in reply to: Share your Best Home Remedy . . . #442303

    My favorite remedy is my treatment for athlete’s foot. I applywwhite vinegar to the affected area after my daily shower. The athlete’s foot symptoms disappear within a week.

    The vinegar is both less messy and much less expensive than purchased treatments.

    in reply to: Best Dirt Cheap Meal Idea #441866

    A meal that is a hit with meat lovers and vegetarians is pumpkin ravioli. Use basic or flavored homemade pasta dough. Stuff with a mixture of cooked pumpkin, cheese (even the parmesan in a can will work) sage (fresh or dried) and a little beaten egg to bind it all together, and salt and pepper.

    The sauce can be reduced chicken or vegetable broth with white wine reduced or browned butter. Since pumpkin isn’t in season, I’m using canned pumpkin I purchased at the end of the holiday season for $.99 a can. A half can plus cheese and seasonings and pasta dough plus butter makes a filling main course for less than$1.00 for four people and is very flavorful and elegant.

    in reply to: "Lazy Woman’s Spaghetti" #440682

    Bacon and cream in the same dish? Must be delicious! This would be a wonderful treat. Planned over seafood would be a great substitution for the chicken. Clams, shrimp, crab and mussels would all make an elegant feast.

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