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    A big pot of pinto beans goes a long way at our house.
    I start out with the beans, served with rice, cornbread, and fried potatoes with onions.
    Day two, if we don’t just eat the same yumminess we had on day one, I “refry” some of the beans and we have burritos, also using leftover fried potatoes
    Day three, if any beans are left, I put them in chili and have the leftover cornbread and tortillas from days one and two.
    Any leftover chili gets frozen for Frito chili pie at a later time.
    The beans can also be frozen after the first meal if you’re not in the mood for burritos or chili.

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    Baked potato salad is our family favorite
    5 lb potatoes, cooked whole, then peeled and cut in chunks
    1 lb bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled
    1 bunch green onions, chopped
    1 cup each sour cream & ranch dressing, mixed together
    8-12 Oz grated cheddar cheese
    Mix together in the order given, top with more potatoes toppings if desired

    @Liss 509918 wrote:

    We’re holding a Potluck Party! Share your favorite potluck recipe to bring to gatherings, reunions, parties, etc. . .

    When you’re invited somewhere what is your signature dish that everyone begs you to make?

    Wondering How to Enter?
    Just Hit the reply button and share your recipe & you’ll be automatically entered into the random drawing for 3 lucky winners who will Each receive a Set of 3 Thermo Dish Hot or Cold Casserole Serving Bowls with Lids; and as for the rest of us, well, we’ll just enjoy these amazing mouthwatering recipes!

    By the way, These casserole dishes maintain the temperature of the food (either hot OR Cold) for 4-6 hours, keeping your favorite potluck dishes at the right temp to enjoy at gatherings, bbq’s, parties and more!

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    If you get ink on clothing, turn it inside out, put a folded paper towel on the ink stain and spray the backside generously (soak it) with hair spray. Repeat until the ink is gone, changing paper towels each time. If needed, spray from the front and press paper towels to soak up the hairspray and ink.
    I spilled ink from a stamp pad refill on a skirt, probably 1/2 the bottle.

    I used this method and saved my skirt.

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    When my boys were little we had chickens. One fall day, when the pantry, freezer & fridge were nearly empty, we decided to cook one of the chickens. That bird had to be the toughest ever, I cooked it for 3 days, simmering on the stove.

    I made chicken & dumplings all three days, and on the 4th day, when the chicken was still too tough to chew, we gave it to the dog. Probably not the BEST meal, but certainly frugal, lol!
    As for a good meal, I made Pizza Beans. I cooked a big pot of pinto beans, took about 1/2 of them and stirred in my homemade spaghetti sauce (nearly always had some ready in the freezer) and some pepperoni slices, onions, whatever I had that sounded like it would go on pizza.

    I put it in a casserole dish or the crock pot, and sprinkled mozzarella cheese over & baked it till it was bubbly and gooey like pizza. The other 1/2 of the beans were saved for beans & cornbread & fried potatoes.

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    “Thank you for your overwhelming interest in our New Year’s free kit,
    free shipping offer. Due to limited supplies, we are no longer able
    to offer free shipping, however, the first kit remains free (plus $3 shipping)–available in the U.S. only”

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    Bummer, they want me to print & mail a form along with the UPC’s.

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