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    This sounds SOOO good!!! I just might be able to convince my family to try it. They are not fans of quinoa.

    (I know, right?!)

    in reply to: Mac & Cheese Casserole #463170

    I will definitely have to try this one. Just switch out the cream of mushroom soup (allergic) for another and it would be good to go.

    in reply to: Country Breakfast Skillet II #463169

    Sounds yummy!! I will have to double the recipe, but that works for me!

    in reply to: What do You Stockpile? #463168

    No coupons!!!??? I would cry!!! But, it sounds like you are doing a great job, regardless.

    in reply to: What do You Stockpile? #463167

    I moved 1700 miles and gave away most of my stockpile. Slowly, I have been starting it back up. Right now, I have been focusing on non-food items. Its been fun.

    I have 12 detergent, over 30 deodorants, 2 months of paper towels and toilet paper (still working on these), toothbrushes for over 2 years, and a smattering of other items that I am slowly increasing. Its awesome. For my birthday, I am getting another shelving unit so I can stockpile food.

    in reply to: BLT Macaroni Salad #460892

    They loved it!! Even have others asking for the recipe!!

    in reply to: What do You Stockpile? #460828

    Currently, I have a stockpile of laundry detergent (13 bottles in house with a RC for another 10), 28 bottles of shampoo/conditioner, 30 bars of soap, 9 tubes of toothpaste (plus travel sizes, too), 10 toothbrushes, nearly 300 pull-ups (individual ones, not packages), 16 razors and 18 boxes of dryer sheets.

    in reply to: B101 Challenge: Upcycle-Repurpose #460827

    I reuse plastic grocery bags as liners for my bathroom trashcans and to use in the car. We fill milk jugs and 2-liters with water to freeze so we can reduce energy costs in our upright freezer. Salsa and sauce jars are reused for extra pasta not used from the box, dried beans or for a non food use, a pen/pencil holder or a vase.

    in reply to: BLT Macaroni Salad #460811

    I have a team meeting at the end of the week. This just might do the trick!! Thanks for posting!

    in reply to: Crochet patterns #460810

    I’m still trying to figure out how to start my second row. I know, its sad. I’m a domestic failure.

    My ancestors are crying in their graves.

    in reply to: Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls #460690

    This looks good. However, since bread machines come in different sizes, what is the size requirement for this recipe?

    in reply to: Oven-Barbecued Beef #460664

    Hmm. We are always looking for new recipes to try. This one sounds promising.

    in reply to: Hot Cocoa Mix #460663

    Thanks for the recipe. I plan on making a large batch and gifting it to family.

    in reply to: Freeze ahead Meals #460109

    I use a food saver. I will freeze pre-made crockpot meals in the bags, making it easier to just grab, dump and go!

    in reply to: I have a Pantry!!! #455557

    I cannot wait to move. My new place has a small pantry in the kitchen but I will have a garage!!! Oh, the stockpiling opportunities!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 151 total)