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    wow this would be nice if my tub held water! Having some disabilities is difficult to get in/out of tub–would it work as well in the shower??

    what you need:
    clean plastic liter bottle
    colored yarn of you choice
    knitting needle/crochet needle
    hole puncher
    scissors or razor blade (being very careful not to cut yourself)
    1 plastic adhesive holder to attach wherever you are going to hang

    Cut off top of liter bottle approximately 1/3 to 1/4 way down
    take hole puncher and punch holes, closely together, around edging of bottle leaving plastic between holes and edging
    Knit/crochet a top on it
    Knit a handle if you choose or hang by knitted edging
    Run yarn through edge of topping to be able to gather top to close
    Leave extra yarn hanging down to use to open and close the top
    Roll each bag into a ball store in your new bag holder
    Hang somewhere convenient for you and family
    great for holding all those plastic bags from stores we all gather and have no idea what to do with!
    cheap gift to make for any holiday/birthday–$5 to make (maybe cheaper if you get the pop and yarn on sale or clearance)
    happy making! hope this helps anyone’s budget/gift making

    Id go nuts laminating all kinds of things………

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    I crochet but not clothing just belts to wear at most or winter time scarves, I have done pot holders as well, and made my teacup yorkie some blankets.


    its a stress reliever for me.


    Love crafting here just wish I could make a living and pay bills doing it!

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    thank you for a wonderful site!

    make a belt out of colorful yarn ribbon and threads from your local craft store, add beads and buttons through out yarn ribbon and thread leave front of belt to hang longer when tied. Go to the sales/clearance area to find what you need! I make them for myself all the time………

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)