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    I know Meijers has it.

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    Yeah a fellow Buckeye! Welcome!

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    One of my sisters and I favorite past times as children was playing dress up. My grandma would take us to garage sales and buy us all kinds of “dress up clothes” old prom dresses, or dance recital costumes, someone else’s cast off halloween costume…and of course anything frilly or shiny. We always had the best time!

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    I love the laundry baskets full of Cleaning products and laundry detergent. If you had the time you could make up your own cleaning products and detergents and throw in a little book of recipes for different cleaners. And a set of towells.

    Also if they haven’t read the “power of the praying wife”… I have friends who swear by this book and give it to every couple on their wedding day.

    Making up your own recipe book is a great idea too. I had a friend do this for me when I first bought my own home. It’s been priceless!

    She just wrote out her recipes on index cards and put them in a photo album. It’s the perfect size and the recipes are protected by the plastic.

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    Aveda does rock! If you haven’t tried it you should. And their Pure fume’s are the best. I love #1, #2, and #4.

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    Sounds fabulous! Can’t wait till I have fresh zucchini to try this with.

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    Welcome! There is lots of great things on this site. I keep finding new things every week. Look forward to your posts.

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    Wow that’s tons of good information. I would love to stockpile somethings. I’ll have to start doing that more often when I find good deals at the stores.

    Thanks for all the information. And the spreadsheet is an awesome idea!

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    can’t wait to try it! Thanks!!!

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    Wow I’ll check it often now. Thanks for passing that information along.

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    What about old calenders or something where you can find pictures of americana themed stuff. You can recycle some of your old artwork by putting new pictures in them. Thrift stores or garage sales would be a great place to look too.

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    When I moved out of my house I was clueless too. My family was very much of the grab some fast food or get it out of a can variety. I suggest always having: cereal, Milk, eggs, bread, jam/jelly, pasta, pasta sauce, oil, flour salt, baking powder, sugar, baking soda, pepper and some fruits and veggies on hand.

    I also tend to but chicken breasts and cook several at a time and then make several meals out of it. Chicken soup, on top of a salad, Enchiladas…etc. I usually keep a pound or two of hamburger in the freezer just in case.

    Buy the fix it and forget it cookbook. It has lots of tried and true crockpot recipes in it and can be a real life saver. You just dump it in the morning and it’s ready when you get home.

    Sometimes I make a double batch so I can freeze half and have a meal down the road that doesn’t involve cooking. In fact any time I cook I make extra to freeze. Now when I make up a grocery list I usually plan on one one or two days a week pulling something out of the freezer for dinner.

    I also have single serving containers I freeze in and use this often for lunch.

    I usually spend about $75.00 every other week. The first couple months of setting up house I spent a bit more then this. It takes a while to get build up your pantry and I didn’t want to go crazy the first visit to the store.

    I do not like to stop at the store in between my bi-weekley shopping trips. I find when you make those quick stops you end up going way over budget. I just started using coupons when I joined this forum and that’s been a big help.

    Hope this helps a bit

    My favorite was a wedding I went to last summer. Instead of giving favors they made a donation to their favorite charity in the name of all their guests. I thought it was a much better way to spend money then to buy things people may or may not like. At least this way the money went to a good cause. I heard a lot of people at the wedding talking about what a wonderful idea it was.

    My second favorite was a beer/drink cozy. I know it sounds funny but they had a nice toast written on them and it was a really cute way to go.

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    Sounds like something my mom would love! Thanks

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    I was looking for a reason to plant eggplant this summer. I think I just found one. Sounds YUMMY

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