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    Growing up, I lived across the street from a school for the deaf, so I learned some sign. Nice to be able to do some brush up skills.

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    Welcome! You will definitely love it here! LOTS of useful info and freebie offers, too!

    in reply to: TGI Fridays – Calling to Complain #416587

    When we get excellent service, we head straight for the manager as we’re leaving and let him/her know. They like to know also. Usually the manager will handle our complaints with no problems. I will e-mail corporate offices if the service was either above and beyond, or really bad.

    We went to Bob Evans one time, we never had a problem there previously, but this one time, the waitress was bad(and not in a good way). we complained to the manager on duty, and not only got our meals that day free, but she gave us a card for another two meals free. now that’s good customer service.

    you have to make them want to come back.

    in reply to: rtebalts Master Phone List ~ Coupons & Recipes #416437

    Old El Paso with no coupons???? Hmmmm, that’s fishy. If you call to complain about a product, they sure have no problems sending out coupons.

    in reply to: free Bayer Aspirin Pill Tote #416329

    I got it too. I don’t want to join Facebook just to receive a pill box.

    in reply to: Free Chips and Queso at Chilis #416069

    We love Chili’s! Can definitely use free chips and queso, YUM!

    Thank you for your request. Due to high demand for this coupon, your coupon booklet with over $30 in savings could take approximately 6-8 weeks to arrive by mail.

    I hope that the coupons don’t expire the end of March, or it won’t be good anymore. Maybe they change the date as they mail them out.

    in reply to: Free $2 ebay gift card -first 50k #415564

    Coupon Offer Is Over!
    Sorry, all 50,000 coupons have been awarded. Don’t forget to complete the sign-up for the Daily Deal alert to hear about the latest buys.

    in reply to: free pet safety pack from the ASPCA #415409

    It’s funny, was watching the ADT commercial where the pet was rescued from a fire the other day and wondered how the fire dept would know I had a pet if something happened. Someone here reading my mind??? 😉 This will so come in handy.

    in reply to: Free Dunkin Donuts Ground Coffee #415284

    They only have the dark sample available now, original blend is gone.

    in reply to: FREE VICTORIA’S SECRET PINK® BODY-In Store #415282

    Think I’ll give this one to my 3rd daughter. She loves VS anything.

    in reply to: TrapCall Reveals Who’s Behind Blocked Calls #415280

    From the comments I read, it appears to only be for cell phone use(and only certain services, seems Sprint and Alltel and some others aren’t covered). What I have also gathered from the comments, you can just buy another service from the same company to throw off the unblock by having a random number come up on the receiver’s end so they don’t know it’s you anyway. If I don’t recognize a number, I just let it go to voicemail.

    If they want me that badly, they’ll leave a message.

    in reply to: Pound Cake #415199

    What kind of pan do you bake this in? DH has me searching for pound cake recipes and I would like to try this one, but you didn’t specify a pan.

    in reply to: Living the Country Life magazine FREE 18 issues #415142

    It worked fine for me.

    in reply to: Free ice cream at Brusters 3/7 #415032

    This one is on the calendar!!! I LOVE Brusters!!

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