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  • I did this one before, this is what they sent me just a couple of days ago:

    We’re sorry. At this time, you have not qualified for a free Febreze SPORT Workout Odor Eliminator sample, but we know you may have other odor elimination needs to combat! We encourage you to check out other Febreze coupons, discounts and special offers on an array of products at Febreze: Select your country.

    So…….I just redid the survey. Let’s see if I qualify this time.

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    Rain, rain and more rain. YUCK! The temperature is supposed to get to 65, but who wants to go out anyway?

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    I went and bought some, just put them into plastic freezer bags and now they’re in the back of the pantry. Thanks everyone, some great tips here. Oh, and I did put my rice into the freezer this morning.

    I really had no idea. Like I said, great tips!

    So there’s only one deal daily? Or will the charms come up again today? I’m not sure I understand the offer.

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    Freeze rice??? Oh wow, I’d never heard that one. I keep extra rice in my pantry a lot.

    I had no idea about rice. I did know about flour. Thanks for the tips.

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    @mcnerd 113956 wrote:

    I’ve never found a valid reason for freezing sugar.

    Don’t you have to worry about bugs getting in it, just like flour??? I mean, I really don’t know, that’s why I asked. Thanks.

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    *SIGH* Another rainy day. Would have liked another sunny day, I need to mow the lawn badly, but now it’s going to be another week at least, since it’s too wet again. At least the temperature is supposed to get in the 60’s.

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    YAY!! :bounce: I got one! Was thinking I wouldn’t be in the first 10,000. Sometimes stuff goes fast.

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    It does sound good. Since I just found a coupon for crescent rolls, I will have to get some and try this next weekend.

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    I go to one particular auction house in my area, he will do one about every other week now(used to be you could only find one once in a great while). I haven’t researched the state, so I don’t know if they do them all over, but they seem to be getting more popular than they used to be. I have never had to take a whole pallet of anything though, they’ll divide it up among anyone who wants the item at the bid end until it’s either gone or no one else wants any.

    I have also heard(but don’t know for sure) that he donates some stuff to the area soup kitchen after the auctions. I would like to think he does.

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    Wow. Lot of bad experiences here. I have never had a problem at our Walmart.

    Not in service, nor in use of coupons. Usually, the cashiers see me coming and run :037: because I usually don’t have less than $50.00 in coupons on my monthly trip. There are specific cashiers I won’t go to because I know they’re Oscar the Grouch, but other than that, I haven’t had a problem there.

    Granted, our town is growing, but the prices in general still seem to be best at our Walmart. I will do sales shoppings each week, to stock up on items at other stores where the price is better for the week, but for the most part, it’s Walmart. With me getting laid off, it’s not like I have a choice even if Walmart was the worst place in town.

    I watch every penny.

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    So, how did everyone’s Earth Hour go??? I forgot that my lamppost outside doesn’t have a switch, so I had to physically go out and turn the bulb so it would go out. Was weird watching a hockey game in the dark, but that was the only thing I would not turn off, nobody can come between the men and the hockey game(although I like it too, but we have tivo if worse comes to worse).

    dh and ds thought it was bad enough watching it in the dark!!

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    I’m blind!!! After 4+ days of rain, the sun is out! Temperature is nice too, somewhere in the 50’s I’m thinking.

    If the temp goes up more, maybe I’ll grill out today. I love grilled anything.

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    @tsgal 113576 wrote:

    I also use dawn dish soap in my laundry. It’s more concentrated than laundry soap and last a long time.

    I wonder if I could do this. My DH is allergic to almost all laundry soaps, luckily he isn’t allergic to Purex.

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    Same ole, same ole here. At least the rain has stopped for the moment. Supposed to get thunderstorms later, but the temperature is decent, light sweater or windbreaker. Can’t wait for the next two days, supposed to be sunny before the rain starts up AGAIN.

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