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    Now THAT was funny!!! Thank you for the laugh!

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    Can’t wait to head to the store and get a free comic!!

    in reply to: Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day – April 21, 2009 #419968

    Yum, LOVE Ben and Jerry’s! Hope I have time to go today.

    Thanks for bumping this back up. I have so much going on here right now, that I did forget.

    We Couldn’t Verify Your Age

    We’re sorry. We were unable to verify your age as 21 or over.

    We will try to verify your age again. This may take up to 48 hours. If we are still unable to verify your age, we will send you an age verification packet in the mail.

    Until we can verify your age, we cannot ship your Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company metal water bottle.

    If you are under 21, thank you for your interest, but it is our policy to market only to smokers who are 21 years old or older.

    If you didn’t put your driver’s licence or SSN in the form, that could be why it didn’t verify your age. I didn’t put them in, they should be able to verify my age without them, will just take extra time. You didn’t do anything wrong.

    It could also be that they are flooded with forms and it made a glitch in their system.

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    Sunny, sunny, sunny!! YAY! Going to get up to 64 today. Got to paint the shed doors that DH built over the weekend, so it’s a great day for it.

    in reply to: Breakfast Rice #419507

    This is how my DH eats his rice all the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I have to make separate rice if I make it for anything other than breakfast, the rest of the family won’t eat it that way except at breakfast.

    in reply to: Free Fine Art Print by Elizabeth Evans #419459

    Some of her art is really cute. I’ll bet it’s too pricey for me though.

    in reply to: Free Fitness Tote Bag filled w/ samples 4/14 #419458

    Darn, I knew it. Was hoping to get one of these, but saw this WAY too late. 🙁

    in reply to: What is Your Weather Like Today ? #419354

    To sum it up in one word: GORGEOUS!! Sunny and supposed to get into the 60’s today.

    in reply to: Food Lion sugar #419353

    I had a post recently about freezing sugar, someone told me you didn’t need to freeze it, and here is another answer from the same posting:

    “Like someone said sugar keeps “forever” and so does honey,and salt, since bacteria cannot grow in it because of high specific activity of water. It means that anything put in a sugary, or extremely salty medium looses water, not being able to survive. Of course there are bacteria that can live in these mediums, but these do not exist in common household.

    So sugar will keep forever. As someone also said in this thread it will have to be kept from moisture, otherwise it will pack. To prevent this you can put some rice in the sugar holder, that will withdraw moisture.

    You can do that with salt either.”

    Hope this helps you. Our Food Lion has the same sale.

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    Made this for breakfast this morning. Everyone loved it.

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    Thank you!!! I can’t wait to try this. Now, you said use a shop light.

    Is that a flourescent(sp) light, or one of those really strong bright lights my dh uses to work on the car at night. lol (sorry, it’s the only way i can describe it)

    I hope someone will bump this up the day before, or I’ll forget. LOL

    in reply to: Awful Carrabba’s coupon experience #419236

    Neither the waiter nor the manager should have been arguing with you. The saying “the customer is always right” applies. Just one customer with bad service can, by word of mouth, tell 5 friends, who in turn tell 5 more and so on(this is proven fact).

    Most places don’t want the bad publicity. I would definitely follow up with a phone call to Corporate, otherwise, you may or may not hear anything. Phone calls get more of a positive response, especially for what you went through.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 137 total)