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    I anyone in your family a Veteran? Radio Shack is selling Defense Mobile Service that is very reasonable. Its family plan for 6 members is $240/month includes 3g of data each at just $40 each.

    As an added bonus it has money saving links to services available for Veterans and their families, an email address (great for transitioning military), a nationwide 4g network, and has the latest cell phones. Search Radio Shack Defense Mobile via search engine or search Defense mobile on Facebook for more information.

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    When my children were small we lived on a farm with very little income and most of the acreage sharecropped out. When we moved there we had a dilapidated house that made the house on the vintage show “Green Acres” look upscale. That first year we got by on $6,000 income.

    When we arrived in our UHaul moving van, mustard greens grew in every field, and we used our income tax refund to buy a goat, (and a wood stove), so I made mustard green and cream cheese sandwiches…I got the bread because I baked bread for an organic foods store. My children are past 30 now and they still ask for mustard green and cream cheese sandwiches. Since we grew our own garden and the children helped they were always interested in having their vegetables and fruits in the meal.

    They collected eggs and if the roosters went after one of the kids we had “bad bird soup.” My kids eat just about anything unless they are allergic to it, and their kids are not very picky either.

    We encountered picky eaters when our children were grown and we were foster parents. We served a variety of fruits and vegetables at meals and the kids played the color game. We took a deck of cards and put a different color (roygbiv + brown and white) on the cards.

    They drew 4 cards and had to eat at least a heaping tablespoon of food from the colors they selected. They actually asked to play the color game.

    When I worked in a group home, the kids would get to help make the menu for the week. We used dice (6 sides) B,C,L,F,V,T (Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Fish (and seafood), Vegan, Turkey and then used the color cards to solicit their ideas for vegetables, sides and deserts from a variety of colors of food. The last thing we did was we assigned different nights to different cultures; Asian Food, Middle Eastern Food, American Food, Italian Food, Mexican Food, African American (Soul) Food, and any thing goes food.

    Ten staff members and six teen boys ate meals at the house (we shopped for 10 people at every meal except breakfast and after school snacks when there were eight people), we had to make everything nutritious and cheap. Our budget was $215/week. I spent it down to the last penny every week and our boys grew like weeds and kept their weight in the average range, even though many were on ADD meds.

    After a few months, there were no picky eaters, but I noticed that the cooking oil was being depleted fast – a couple of staff were frying everything so then we added cards for fried, baked, steamed, stir-fried, boiled and grilled and the kids and staff helped come up with cooking ideas. Budget problem solved and still no picky eaters re-emerged. I think by letting them be creative it made a difference.

    **I had already scanned the ads to see what was on sale before I gave them the choices, so I moved the results in line with our house budget (Lamb was expensive and I could only afford to get it on markdown).

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    baking soda + salt + water Make a paste of mostly soda rub it into your silver and let it get almost dry. Then take a soft rag and buff off the rest. Before you put your silver away, grind a little chalk to a power and rub your silver with it to polish it and keep it from tarnishing longer. Storing jewelry in a box with a small piece of chalk will help keep moisture away and your jewelry will remain silver.

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    We are faced with a drought, here in the Central Valley of California. Some cities have only a 60day supply of water, so we can expect restrictions on watering. My garden plans call for planning a way to use gray-water (water from tubs, showers and sinks) in a drip irrigation system.

    I have also been buying plastic drums to use as planters, so that the water does not disappear into the deep cracks that are developing in the soil – planters keep the water in the root zone longer. I’ll still be splitting my time between ky and ca, so i’ve already started composting in ky and after it thaws for the year i can begin testing the soil ph to see what we can grow. i know that the soil where we put tomatoes last year is deficient in potassium based on the appearance of the tomato foliage last year…

    we also had blossom end rot so i have to remember to mix up some epsom salts in water and apply it to the tomatoes to keep this from happening this year.

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    ” the best thought is to stick by each other and help each other out in any way we can. Whether that’s donating an item each time we buy our own groceries, or passing on clothing we no longer need/want…it all comes down to backing each other up in ways that we can, afford to do(?)”

    I agree with this 100%! We need to positively encourage more people to work toward this goal!

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    The biggest issue I have with the shutdown is that only class I recall notices are going out to consumers. That means that there is a huge backlog of recalls, and potentially a threat to health and safety to some citizens.

    It did distress me when I saw so many families experience the realization of no money on their food stamp card. I hope that they will come to this site and learn how to be prepared for January, if this happens again.

    I was also concerned about the status of the nation’s mental health during this time – we had shootings, suicides, as well as a constant chatter on Facebook with some very angry words about what people viewed to be the root cause of the shut down. I finally had to tell people if they posted hateful angry words (on my page) directed at any person or official in the government, I would delete them and then block them. This is a time for solutions, not blaming

    I have a cousin who has no income and is recently disabled and her disability judgement is under consideration. She is afraid to sign up for aca (obamacare) because she fears that the premiums will be unaffordable – in reality, the federal government is subsidizing aca for people whose income is so low they would qualify for medicaid and automatically moving them to it without charging a premium. this subsidy will continue for three years.

    her fears are the result of her impressions during all of the name-calling and blame that went on during this shutdown.

    its time for us to put on a positive attitude, attack the problems at a person-to-person level, so that we can pull together and help each other out of debt. we can live better on less money, and we can support one another and become problem solvers – i am so grateful for this website

    Here is a cpsc recall for a personal safety button – the console would not notify of a low battery in the pendant

    recall summary
    name of product:

    visonic amber classic and amber selectx personal emergency response system (pers) kits


    a single amber base station set to common area mode will not detect a low battery or dead battery warning signal from the remote pendant that notifies the end user or system administrator to replace the pendant battery.

    these buttons are used at the assisted living facility where my dad goes for respite care. i wonder if they have responded to the recall yet?

    We discovered that after a power outage, my father’s desk console did not reset for 2 days, luckily he did not fall. In the course of a discussion about the inherent problems in such a situation, I was informed that if there was a power outage that lasted more than a day, his button would be completely non-functional, (the lifespan of the backup battery in the console unit is only 24 hours). My father is deaf, legally blind and the button monitors for falls as well as emergency calls.

    I am looking for suggestions about what has worked for others to help guide us in the decision of which button to replace his current one.

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    One of the best things about an avon fundraiser is that you can make it both a community and online event. as an online event your avon representative sets up the event on her personal website, shipping is free directly to the customers home, and depending on how generous the representative can afford to be, the amount collected can be up to 50% of the total sales before tax.

    There are also Jewelry Parties, and other product Parties that can be done online. Benefits are no collecting, and no delivery of the products for website orders. If you collect the product cost and tax in advance, your representative can put in the order as part of the fundraiser to ship to the customer.

    Major credit cards (except American Express) and PayPal are accepted on the Representative’s website.

    Hi mos, I’m also a ul! good to see another avon isr building the dream!

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    Every Halloween our church puts on a Harvest Festival as a safe, fun alternative with Christian values. When my husband and I were the Children’s Ministry Directors we noticed that at times it was difficult to get enough adult volunteers and sometimes the event lacks the teens and young adults.

    We decided that every ministry in the church could have their own booth (donation $5 to Children’s ministries – the fundraiser wasn’t for us, it was for the ministries sponsoring booths – we just covered the candy and goodie bag costs for the kids with the $5 booth charge)

    Each ministry got to create games that had something to do with their particular ministry and each had a can with a slot in it. For about 2 months in advance we told everyone to save their change (only change counts) and the goal was to give all of the money collected that night to the booth with the highest value in change – as an added twist, if someone dropped a bill in the can it counted against the change total.

    By the end of the night Prison Ministries won with their booth appropriately decorated like a prison cell and a handcuff toss game, that the kids just loved. The Youth group came in second, and even though they didn’t win, there were people of all generations present. Prison Ministries received all of the money, including the bills.

    In one night, with a small church, several hundred dollars was raised.

    The best thing was seeing everyone involved. Even grandparents were slipping bills into the cans of the competition! We had lots of volunteers for set up and clean up, got home at a reasonable hour and no collecting money door to door!

    Give it a try!

    As a fundraiser to benefit individuals – get a school or church involved and make it a carnival theme, sell hot dogs, nachos and soda and all money can be split evenly between the students going on the trip – works for trips to DC, or any other trip and lots of fun!

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    My top five food gadgets are:

    1. chopsticks ( use them like a whisk, turn meat or veggies in the skillet, grab pickles out of jars, and eat noodles with a firm grasp on the food).

    2. electric hand blender

    3. 1 cup sized porcelain mortar and pestle (grind herbs and spices, tea, even recycle broken dishwasher pellets into pot scouring powder)

    4. Canning pot, with all of its accessories, jars, bands and lids

    5 Vacuum sealer and bags

    6. Food mills: grain mill, coffee mill, manual fruit mill

    7. Yogurt maker (can make cheese, too!)

    8. juicer

    9. commercial quality hand crank rotary cheese (or zucchini) grater

    10. blender / mixer

    I wish I had;

    1. pasta making accessories (noodle maker, ravioli plates etc)

    2. a non-solar box dryer for fruits vegetables and jerky (I have solar dryers and they work fine, except when there’s not much sun)

    3. a meat grinder (so many good buys on roasts, steaks, chops cheaper than ground; if you could grind your own meat)

    4. a really heavy duty mixer – strong enough to handle Springerle or, biscotti dough, with low speed for ice cream and gellato

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    The top five things in my food pantry are:

    1 Homemade mixes; (cornbread, biscuit, cake mix, muffin mix, general baking mix, gravy mixes, breading mix, wholegrain hot cereal mix with dried fruits & nuts)
    2 Canned and dried vegetables and fruits
    3 Dry Foods (Whole grains, beans, nuts, salt)
    4 Oils / fats (olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, ghee)
    5 Canned meats/fish (chunk chicken, small canned ham, sardines, canned salmon, tuna, corned beef)

    We have a flour mill, juicer, pressure canner / open bath canner, fruit/ vegetable dryer, and with Fresh fruits and vegetables out of the garden we can (and do) live for extended periods of time with minimal grocery bills, but a balanced diet. The extras would be coffee, ginger, sweeteners, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, salt, pepper,& Chinese 5 spice and stock up items for mix ingredients.

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    I’ll have to try this on my Dad, he is no longer on blood thinners after they caused a brain bleed, but the skin is so thin on elderly people, he is constantly getting little cuts. Thanks for the tip! Spray deodorant would be great – will have to try this, hope it doesn’t sting!

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    I will have to try this – there is so much road paving happening in the summer combined with the heat that makes tar stickier – this is a great idea of using WD40 to remove road tar!

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    I use pure aloe vera juice (instead of water) and the combination creates a tasty drink that almost instantly makes me sleepy when I am having trouble getting to sleep!

    @Virginia 323845 wrote:

    This is tasty and also great to calm an upset stomach!

    Ginger Tea

    1 1/2 teaspoons freshly grated Ginger-Root
    1 1/2 cups Boiling Water
    1 1/2 teaspoons Sugar, Maple Syrup, Honey or Agave Nectar
    a squeeze of Lemon (optional)

    Place grated ginger into a 2 cup glass measuring cup. Fill to the 1 1/2 cup line with boiling water. Let sit for 10 minutes.

    Strain into a large mug and stir in sugar (you may need more or less, depending on how sweet you want your tea). Taste; adjust if needed. Sip and enjoy!

    Thanks; Virginia

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