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    Unfortunately we are already out of stock for your country, we recommend you to reach your closest perfumery and request a Gucci Guilty sample.

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    Very good reminder to all.. Thank-You

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    Thank-You time to start a travel pack

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    Monday 1/6/14 —Started out this morning in N.Ohio at 15 at 4 am, now its -7 at 5:10 pm an getting colder..Level 3 snow emergency, 1/2 hour west “Roadways are closed to all non-emergency travel due to extremely hazardous conditions. No one should be on the roadway unless it is absolutely essential to travel. Those operating vehicles on the roadway for non-emergency reasons may be subject to arrest.”

    Haven’t seen weather like this since 1978 — Hope Everyone stay warm and safe..

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    It was only 18 here today, and some of the snow started to melt.. Expecting more snow here the next few days.

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    Looks like a nice promo.
    Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.

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    With the gran sugar I have used one cup instead of the one and 3/4 cups and you can hardly noticed the difference in taste.

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    Way too cute.. The little ones really do say some of the best things..Enjoy.

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    Thank you for requesting a calendar!
    You should receive your calendar in 7-14 days

    I got a free calendar last year and really enjoyed the saving in it..

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    Hello and welcome–sounds like you are pointed in the right direction.
    Sorry to hear about DH job loss..

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    Hello and Welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Tuesday Nov. 17, 2009
    It got up to about 55 today. Kind of odd not having to put on a winter coat the past few days..

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    Welcome there certainly is a lot of good info here to share. Looking forward to your future postings..

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    Welcome and hope you Enjoy…a lot of good info here too..

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    Thank-You for sharing this one — Very handy…:wink:

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