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    My mom made these, but not for breakfast – they were a side dish for dinner (evening meal). Yummm. My mom called them “Stick together potatoes”, because that’s what they did.

    Maybe not heart healthy, but totally worth it, and not really that bad if you aren’t a couch potato. Just get up and move if you’re in reasonable health.

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    Went to the site and this is what I found out. Apparently, they underanticipated the response and have closed the offer. Just letting everyone know.

    Caron International Yarn for Knit and Crochet “We’ve had an OVERWHELMING response to our yarn giveaway. Thousands and thousands of requests have come in just today. So…we’ve had to close down the request line.

    Hopefully we’ll be able offer more sample yarn in the future. Thanks everyone for your interest and participation.”

    in reply to: Uses for empty 2-liter bottles? #420966

    Sure wish ours had the plastic bottoms here in Texas. Just the solid molded bottom thats not removable.

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    I use them to hold water and put into my potted plants for self watering. There is a gadget I bought at Harbor Freight that the bottles screw onto. Invert and stick into the soil.

    Kind of like an inexpensive version of those glass things that are on the As Seen On TV aisle at Walmart. The item is called Watering Cones and they come in a package of 6 for about $5 if I remember right.

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    @wilbe95 93673 wrote:

    Confectioners Sugar Replacement
    2 cups nonfat dry milk powder
    2 cups cornstarch
    1 cup granulated sugar replacement

    Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender. Whip until well blended and powdered.

    Yields 4 cups.

    have you tried using this in the wilton buttercream icing? does it work okay?
    i just finished a cake decorating class and found a diabetic version of the buttercream icing, but i don’t like butter. this if is works out okay would be a much better way to do it.

    thanks for posting it.

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    Yeah, works out just fine. We used to go to buy bacon out in the country, before gas cost so much and buy 10 lbs or so of bacon divide it up into what we’d use for one breakfast and freeze it.

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    in reply to: Learn to knit #402155

    Knitting I can do – well at least on two straight needles. I haven’t been too successful with circular needles although many, many years ago I did manage a project on double pointed needles – under my mom’s watchful eye. Crochet, well, my mom could do that as well, but it really isn’t my forte’.

    I ran across a tutorial page on circular knitting the other day. Will have to go back and find the link and will post it here.

    in reply to: Orville Redenbacher’s Mini Smart Cakes free sample~Walmart #400714

    Always up for popcorn cakes!

    in reply to: ***Free Food for Voting Today! NOV 4th*** #400713

    Am going to have to do a search for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream shops in my area!

    in reply to: Free Magnetic Clip #400711

    FYI – Lots of pop-up windows once you submit the info.

    in reply to: Free Tall Cappuccino at Barnes and Noble~ coupon #400709

    Oh, I know what I’m going to do tomorrow!

    in reply to: Win a Free Potato Masher, first 100 #400707

    Got a coupon. Will see if I like them or not, if not then won’t buy them again.

    in reply to: Free Cooking Spoon – First 2000 #400705

    Cool, I just registered. Thanks!

    in reply to: Free G-String #400704

    I just need to find my waistline again so that a g-string would look good on me. Wonder just how large they make them?

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