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    1. I make my own household cleaners. Including a mix of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 Dawn (I buy the $1 stuff at Dollar Tree that is the same active ingredient).

    This stuff does an incredible job of cleaning tub/tiles and is a great cleaner for my stove. It’s my main go-to for general household cleaning.
    2. Canning and dehydrating food.

    Menu planning based on my little grocery store’s ads. Saves me from having to drive an hour each way to shop and the ad prices are very competitive.

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    I take advantage of loss lealders at my little local grocery…very good deals most of the time. I’m also a canner and take advantage of free/sale items to can.
    I also use my food saver to help some items last a while longer. I label everything with the date I put it up so I can rotate.
    I store my beans dried and do a canner full at a time so I’ll have 7 pint jars of whatever beans I want handy and waiting.
    I store to not only have a food supply for us, but for the rest of my family (in case of financial needs for any of them)

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    Take him for walks before trying to work with him…it will help him release some of his excess energy and he’ll be more willing to listen. You can also get those backpacks for dogs and put bottles of water in it. The weight will help him release the energy with less walking time.

    Make him work for everything!

    He must sit quietly before even receiving a pat on the head–before eating, going outside–everything. And keep your own energy level and voice low, calm and monotoned when dealing with him. Being an excitable dog, it doesn’t take much to ramp up that energy.

    Good luck!

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    Well, I’m not sure you are really interested in the following but here goes…

    you could do a modified once a month cooking–making a large batch of food. Eat one portion for supper and freeze the rest in meal size portions for later dates.

    you could learn to can foods. You’d be amazed at what you can do with pressure canning and boiling water bath canning. Some $$$ to start up but you could can some meals–several meals worth in one effort–like oamc but without the freezer part.

    but there also tons of hamburger helper type meals out there where you would just add the meat. cook up the meat ahead of time and freeze it for a quick thaw to add.


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