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    I buy in on semi-truck loads of dry goods with my Amish neighbors. For instance, a 100 lb bag of dried beans is purchased MUCH more cheaply than I’d ever get from a store. I simply divide it among 5 gallon plastic buckets.

    Putting out word with hunters that I’d like some venison soon has my freezer packed.

    Another favorite of mine is asking the neighbors for the bones when they butcher a cow or hog. I was fortunate enough to be given a 32 quart stock pot. I put up a lot of broth every year.

    My grandmother sold her large pressure cookers to the neighbor before we moved back into the area. I borrow them so I can do 14 jars at a time.

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    Host a Spaghetti Dinner at the school. Kids will need to pre-sell tickets. This helps with planning for food costs. Approach grocery stores asking for donations. Seek out sponsors who will do matching funds up to ‘x’ amount.

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    I normally spread the leaves out between sheets of newspaper and sit them in a sunny spot.

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    I never use soap on a cast iron pot. I’m with the boil water, scrape, wipe, and oil crowd. I thoroughly agree that a properly seasoned cast iron skillet is the best thing ever to cook with.

    you’ll never have a burger that tastes better than one cooked on a 100+ year old skillet!

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    One of our favorites is Spaghetti Salad. It is a cold dish loaded with summer vegetables.

    1 box cooked spaghetti
    Italian Salad Dressing
    Green Peppers
    Red Peppers
    Red Onion
    Baby Spinach
    Banana Peppers
    Pepperoni (optional – cut into small pieces)
    Kalamata Olives
    Fresh ground black pepper

    Cook noodles al dente and run under cold water to cool immediately.

    While noodles are cooking begin dice vegetables.

    Mix vegetables with pasta. Add Italian Salad Dressing and black pepper to taste.

    To keep cold things cold we invested in an inflatable ice buffet. Everyone just plunks their bowl into the ice. It cost $11 on Amazon.

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    1. Stone Ground Wheat Flour – I like bread and noodles.
    2. Brown Rice – Used in thousands of ways.

    Current favorite is stuffed grape leaves since I’m thinning the leaves so the grapes get more sun.
    3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Used in anything needing oil that is not sweet.
    4. Canned Home Made Apple Sauce – Used in anything calling for oil that is sweet

    Dried Stevia Leaves – I replaced sugar with it and grow my own.

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    I grow a lot of herbs…hence the name. To make it easy I’ll just say plant fennel and dill about 5 feet away from the tomato plants. They will stunt the growth of the tomato if too close.

    There are many beneficial insects that will be attracted. My favorite, the adult baraconid wasp feeds on nectar. It has a preference for tiny blossoms. These are small NON-stinging wasps so no worries!

    You will also attract Lacewings, Ladybugs, Hover Flies, and Big-eyed bugs to name a few. All of these feed on a variety of aphids, meal worms, maggots, and caterpillar such as the horn worm.

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    Hi, The Mama! This is the right place for great money saving ideas. Just dig a little, I’m sure you’ll find ideas for the RVing.

    Seeing Dollar General in the title of your post got me laughing. I live in an extremely rural area and we just got a “Dollah Gennel” about 3 weeks ago. It is the ONLY store. Their grand opening was today and they offered $10 in free goods to the first 50 people. They’d lined up before the store opened and the line ran from the front door, wrapped around the building, and behind it. My husband took a picture, proof that people here have nothing better to do.

    I tend not to set foot inside the store after seeing milk at $4.10 a gallon. ($2.49 regularly at the grocery store in the next town)

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    The best advice I can offer is don’t purchase it all at once. Buy the items you want in your stash when you find a deal.

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    OH dear, all I could think of when you said pine needle tea is how much I hate gin. lol

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    In January there are a lot of women trying to loose extra weight they put on over the holidays. Why not make a desert that is rich and chocolaty but won’t hurt the waist line? 153 calories for two 2 1/2 inch brownies!!

    peanut butter brownies

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    I can hook you right up with that.

    Check out this video of a working system.

    here is the website with instructions and people you can ask if there are any problems.

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    This is getting stranger. I should have 1 published article about multigenerational living and 2 unpublished. I was not trying to edit a published article.

    In fact, today my article on debt is missing completely (yes, I did save it, that is the one I was trying to edit), and the article on seedlings in February says it will be published on 1/25. I never published that article, it was still being written and without the ability to edit I can’t even get to the publish option accidently.

    Halp meh!

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    This sounds WONDERFUL. I have everything but the lady fingers and the mascarpone cheese. They syrup even came from our own trees!

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