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    Yum, this sounds delicious! I wonder if I could use Kale in pl;ace of the spinach and have the texture be the same.

    in reply to: Superbowl Sunday Triple Bash! #448506

    I would make the tailgators sticky meatballs to put in one side, sweet and sour kielbasa on the other side and hot steamed rice in the center to serve the other items on top.That way, everyone gets filled up inexpensively and no one goes hungry. We usually use regular 8 oz styrofoam cups when we get together so we don’t have a bunch of dishes. Easier to carry than paper plates, especially if you’re outside and the wind is kicking up.

    Links to the recipes here:

    Tailgators Meatballs- GroceryBudget101.com- – Tailgator’s Sticky Turkey Balls | Dirt cheap Recipes
    2. Sweet & Sour Kielbasa- GroceryBudget101.com- – Kielbasa Sweet & Sour Style
    3. Hot Rice in the middle

    in reply to: Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp Recipe #448512

    I usually make my chicken using just plain cornstarch and when I make the honey walnut chicken I candy the walnuts first and add them that way. The ingredients are the same, but the method is a little bit different

    in reply to: 14 Creative Ways to Use Candy Canes #448514

    I just made stained glass cookies this morning using crushed leftover cherrry candy canes!

    in reply to: Share your Best Home Remedy . . . #442289

    My favorite home remedy is also a DIY project. Whenever we paint a new room we add essential oils to the paint. In bedrooms we use Lavender Essential Oil- it creates a soothing, calming effect.

    In the Living room or dining room we use Peppermint, it’s invigorating. In the laundry room we use chamomile, it just smells nice all the time.

    We use about 15 drops per gallon and it really changes your mood!

    in reply to: Getting Logged out IE #442283

    I was having the exact same problem until I saw the solution and checked the button. Thanks for saving me the frustration lol. I thought it was the site logging me out!

    in reply to: Super Laundry Sauce Kit Giveaways #442274

    I was just notified via PM that I won one of these! I am so excited, I couldn’t find the ingredients to make this!! Thank you so very much Budget101!

    in reply to: Don’t Lend Friends Money Without Reading This #442281

    we lent a girl a few hundred dollars (she was worked at our favorite restaurant in town) Less than a week later she quit her job and disconnected her cell phone number. We never heard another word from her. I ran into her at a walmart one day and she turned the other way and high tailed it out of there.

    We pretty much decided that it wasn’t worth lending out $$$ to anyone.

    It was our 2nd time lending money like that and never getting it back. I guess I’m a slow learner.

    in reply to: All About You . . . #442275

    1. What Brought you here? (aka how did you find the site?) –

    Joined for help with coupons

    2. What areas of the site most interest you?

    finding ways to save money without being forced to use coupons

    3. Aside from House/rent, What do you spend the most money on every month?

    Groceries, kids

    4. What do you hope to learn/find here on Budget101?

    Ways to save money on food, kids care/ lunches, school supplies, etc I also love the homemade/myo recipes for deodorants, herbal spa type recipes, homemade cosmetics

    5. Is there something you’ve been searching for, recipe, idea, etc?

    More herbal remedies, essential oil recipes, etc

    Bonus: What kind of “prizes” would you like to be able to win on our challenge questions?

    Laundry Sauce Kit sounds fabulous! multistars smilie

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