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    Thank you from Ontario Canada! :039:

    Thank you for requesting a trial offer of BAND AID® Brand PERFECT FIT™ Bandage.
    Your trial offer is on its way. Please allow several weeks for delivery.
    Then get ready to try superior protection that stays put.

    in reply to: Budget101 Facebook Challenge- Cash Up for Grabs! #425923

    Am I eligible to win if I live in Canada? I love everything about so will sign up anyway. Thanks.:canadian:

    in reply to: Hi from Creedmoor, NC #425888

    Hello from Canada! A.s you now try to focus on taking care of yourself remember that when people ask.. How can I help?

    make a suggestion like bringing you to appts, or picking up dinner, (good friends will do for you) accept that it is your time to rest and recover and that there are many people who truly want to help. It’s a journey you didn’t expect to go on but if you try to take each day an make it the best, you will get through this….:tulip-icon: You may consider the blog section to write short entries on your days and progress it may be very healthy to record your thoughts and feelings….sending you happy thoughts.

    in reply to: Free Copy of The Purpose of Christmas – First 5000 #425887

    Thank you so very much! I went to the link right away and registered and I am from Canada so it looks like it can still come to me here! 😛two cents” alt=”two cents” />” alt=”Thank You” />

    in reply to: Hello from NC! #425830

    Hello fellow newbie, I am finding this site very helpful and fun and hope you do do! My 50ish husband has not worked for 4 years and we are waiting for disability insurance to kick in so I know hard times. We always led a simple life but without his salary and now his medical expenses we are always behind. Welcome from Canada!:039:

    in reply to: can opener issue – am i really the only one? #425827

    Hello and wow! you sure must go through a lot of canned goods. When I was married 32 yrs ago we received an electric and opener (a real luxury then) and it still works!

    I got tired of having it on the counter and put it away and now just reach into my utility drawer for a hand held opener called “SwingawaY” that was my mother’s and it can be rinsed and cleaned and I am sure it is about 15 years old. Maybe the older things like the mechanics of my old electic one were better made and they really want consumers to wear an opener out and buy a new one every few years Good luck!:canadian:

    in reply to: Free Vancouver 2010 Coin Collection card #425826

    In Canada all RBC Royal Bank branches have these for free also as they are the distributor for Olympic coins in circulation. a great collection item for children and adults alike.

    in reply to: newbie fro Edmonton, Ab #425815

    Never been to Alberta, have relatives in Fort McMurray yes way up there! This is a jam packed site full of new ideas and as I have also just joined in Oct/09 I find it a challenge to move around. Every night after dinner I try to go on and figure out the best way to move around the site Good luck!

    in reply to: Greetings from Iraq #425788

    As a Canadian I support all of the usa and cdn troops and their families during this terrible war. come home safe!:canadian:

    in reply to: Free KFC Boneless Fillet on Sunday November 1st #425785

    Thanks for this offer.I am sure it will be busy, but yummy and worth it…..:great::045::045::045:

    in reply to: Free dinner for the military ~ McCormick & Schmicks 11/8 #425784

    This is so nice, a real tribute to the veterans! They certainly deserve a special day and a special treat!

    in reply to: Levels of Registration #425782

    Thanks, this is a fun very interactive site and and I am a little techno challenged…..I seem to jump from one thing to another but maybe it is all right because I touch many areas and can’t wait to get up to speed with everyone.

    in reply to: Gnocchetti with Arugula, Tomatoes, and Green Olives #425781

    Another recipe I will definitely try, thanks….it looks like a quick and easy and that’s what I need during the week!-:great:

    in reply to: Egg Farmers of Ontario – Free Recipes & Shopping Pad #425780

    Thanks so much for this info!

    in reply to: Marmalade Chicken #425764

    will definitely try this thank you!

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