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    How do you find a Walmart that takes internet coupons?

    in reply to: Baked Bean or Black Bean Leftovers #423806

    I made this last night, with leftover kidney beans, and it was amazing!

    The only change I made – other than the type of bean – was that instead of a can of corn, I put a can of store-brand rotel (tomatoes/chilies) in the cornbread topping.


    in reply to: Aztec Black Beans #423616

    This is such a wonderful recipe – one of our favorites for several years now! We like them best served over brown rice, with sharp cheddar grated on top…lots and lots of sharp cheddar, lol. I always add extra cayenne before cooking; I also usually chop up an onion and cook it with the beans/salsa, and have been known to throw in chopped green pepper.

    I usually do 2 lbs. of beans at a time, and hope that with all six of us bean-lovers there might be some left to freeze – but this makes such wonderful leftovers, just getting better and better as the flavors blend and mingle, that it seldom makes it to the freezer.

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    Oh, man! I am *so* sorry that all of this has happened to you – and the aftermath is just as bad. Sending you good thoughts & energies for bouncing back quickly in all aspects.

    in reply to: Re-heating pork chops? #422437

    Alrighty then – I’ll answer myself 😉 Maybe somebody else can use this information someday.

    I put them in a glass baking dish, arranged so that they didn’t touch each other (i.e., not overcrowded). I covered them with foil, and put them into a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 20 minutes. They were perfect!

    I would’ve added a tablespoon or so of water before putting them in if they had been dry the night before, but because they were so moist and yummy I didn’t.

    I really think the key to tender meat, for me, is not over-cooking it – I used to have issues with that. Now that I use a meat thermometer faithfully, that doesn’t happen, and I seldom have tough meat anymore. Even a few minutes can be crucial!

    in reply to: use it up menu 4/27 – 4/30 #421971

    Do you have a recipe for the carrot cookies?

    in reply to: Alton Brown’s Instant Pancakes #421703

    I want some – NOW! lol

    I’ll be making some of this up today – and I got four quarts of buttermilk for .25 each marked down at Dillon’s a few days ago. I don’t use it much, so they went right into my freezer – now I know what to do with them.

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    Love the tip about ricotta – definitely going to add some to my next batch!

    in reply to: Hello from NC #420961

    Hi Jenn, welcome!

    I lived in NC for most of my life – still miss it!

    in reply to: does any one remember? #418657

    You might also ask on your local freecycle/give-away list. Folks are always giving similar items away on the three that I own.

    in reply to: ISO recipes using turmeric #418183

    Thanks y’all – we eat lots of eggs here. I’ll try the scrambled and egg salad suggestions today.

    And I do lots of chicken soup, as well as brown rice – will try both of those. And will go on a saffron-recipe search later today.

    The potato dish and the veggie dip will come in handy around here, too.

    Thanks again!

    in reply to: removing gamie taste from venison #418097

    Yummmmm! I’m envious – I miss venison – haven’t had any since we left WV six years ago.

    We always soaked in milk, not buttermilk – and powdered milk worked just as well as regular.

    As far as the question of whether the meat was left out too long – I don’t know, beyond the sniff/look tests.

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