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    The simplest and inexpensive way to build a Raised Bed Garden is with wood. The best wood to use is Cedar and rewood. You can make the wood life longer by painting it with an oil-based wood stain.

    In this way you can make a life longer raised bed garden.

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    So lcove…. i guess by now you must have growen lots of tomatoes, potatoes, egglplants and all. So are your plants giving enough productivity to meet your expectations?

    Telling about me… my garden is good these days and have lot of vegetables and flowers, which looks great. Its really feels good when you have done efforts and its fruitfull.

    Anyways HappY Gardening To all……….

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    hello friends,
    even i have started planting in my garden and i have planted some flowers and vegetables … an also i am planning to plants some fruits too …:arizona:
    but earlier i don’t got the results i expected ,,,
    then i came to know that fertilizer is also very important part of you plants’ production…
    so i used this amazing organic natural fertilizer. which made my plants grow faster and with more productivity…

    now i have a very beautiful garden full of flowers and vegetables … and fruits will be there soon…

    Happy Gardening to you all…..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)