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    This was extremely helpful. Do you have particular sites/ places that you glean your recipes for extracts, canning etc.? I am extremely new to the concept but with the economy affecting us this year and three teenagers, it seems like no better time than the present !!

    Will begin tailoring my store lists to what I need this week for meals and alot a little more for some to put away. If I don’t touch what I put by, then these will accumulate. I hope to begin making everything from scratch.

    If I am unable to become employed in my new town, then the least I can do is to reduce our expenses by the amount I used to make.

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    I am 39 and have had body changes as well. Period for 7-9 days, warmer than normal when family is bundled up. Was wondering what might be going on.Will have to speak with dr. about it when I go in for flu vaccine.Eye lashes are thinning and weight changes with no diet changes.

    Wasn’t sure if I needed to aske about “the change” or thyroid.

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    thank you! after registering, I was able to print the coupon ( took a couple of minutes to load). then I was sent to glaxo smith kline site with other products to click on for individual pages and offers.

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    Welcome Kim ! Where in WV do you live? I graduated from St. Albans High.

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    This looks like a promising magazine! and the site is very informative. thanks for leading me there.

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    As of 09/26/09 there are no samples available through vocal point. thanks for the link to vocal point, great site.

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    Thank you! Just what we need with winter on it’s way.

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