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    I make au gratin potatoes by slicing them on the thin side, place in greased cassarol dish Use either a can of Cream of cheddar cheese soup ( or even better the Cream of Everything recipe mix to which you have added ½ to ¾ cup cheddar cheese) Add about ¾ cup of milk mix together and pour over potatoes. Bake about 45 minutes @ 350-375
    check with fork to make sure potatoes are cooked through. You can fancy this casserole up by adding sliced onions among the potatoes or dicced mushrooms into the cheese sauce.

    You can also make scalloped potatoes by using a creamy sauce (Soup mix again) and adding mushrooms, celery, olives, ..what ever your taste might be. Garlic powder makes it a different dish as well.

    DId you think to make a potatoe soup? e mail me for a recipe if you’d like one.

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    I often cook “too much” on purpose so that we have left overs! I will use this recipe this next week ….probably Tuesday cause we’re having roast beef on Sunday. It sounds like it is very yummy!

    Just being wacky ! If we really took it to the greenest level you could grow then distill your own potatoes and start with your own homemade Vodka!
    Love this site!

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    I have gotten so that I just say “fine” and either they eat what is here or they do without. Usually they will fix scrambled eggs or pancakes for them selves a few hours later since I didn’t give in Mine are all old enough to fix food for them selves even if it’s just a sandwich. Also I am teaching the King of PIcky how to prepare several favorite family recipes on his own and we talk about ways to make them just a bit different so he is not quite as bad anymore and will frequently ask me to substitute a different item in something I’m fixing saying “I might like it if we make it like this.” Idon’t worry about them anymore becasue boys usually will not go hungry.

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    They have precut aluminum foil seets at the Dollar store! Can probably get over a year’s worth for $1.00!

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    @Samsmom05 433087 wrote:

    I’ve heard vinegar is great on sunburn.I’m just not sure about the smell.

    My Mom and Grandmom used this all the time. :012:It works great and didn’t smell too badly for very long…..and when you are burned you usually don’t care what relief smells like!

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